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Meat and Treat

Meat and Treat

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Meat and Treat

Very high-value, Single protein treat made especially for pets with no added salt or sugar or sulphites.

Cereal- and gluten-free, use straight from the packet to stuff hoofs, throttles etc., or refrigerate to harden and chop up to desired size for special treats or training treats.

Can be frozen once chopped, so desired amount can be taken each time.

Provided in packs of 80g or 200g, or a mix+match '4 for the price of 3' offer on 80g size

For Mix+Match, just note flavours wanted in the customer note section in checkout.

Provided in Flavours: Buffalo, Poultry, Duck, Salmon, Horse, & Meat + Cheese

We offer Local Delivery to East Anglia on a 4 weekly run basis, if you are interested in one of our delivery runs please check the Ordering and Delivery page to see if you are on one of our runs or contacts from the Contact Us page. No Frozen products can be shipped out by post, only by local delivery. For updates in our shop visit our Facebook Page.

If you would like to know more about us as a company, visit our page Our Story, or if you would like to read reviews on the service we provide, visit our Psydro page.


Horse: 100% Horse, 70% lean meat, 20% horse heart, 9.5% horse fat, 0.5% sea salt

Buffalo: 100% buffalo, 70% lean meat, 20% buffalo heart, 9.5% buffalo fat, 0.5% sea salt

Poultry: 70% lean meat, 20% poultry heart, 9.5% poultry fat, 0.5% sea salt

Meat & Cheese: 35% turkey meat, 35% beef meat, 30% raw milk cheese

Salmon: 100% salmon

Typical Analysis

Horse: Crude protein 14.9%, Crude fat 15.9%, Crude ash 2.4%, Crude fibre 1.2%, Moisture 63.7%

Buffalo: Crude protein 13.2%, Crude fat 16.6%, Crude ash 2.5%, Crude fibre 1.1%, Moisture 64.8%

Poultry: Crude protein 15.5%, Crude fat 16.9%, Crude ash 2.2%, Crude fibre 1.3%, Moisture 62.5%

Meat & Cheese: Crude protein 19.8%, Crude fat 16.0%, Crude ash 4.5%, Crude fibre 0.7%, Moisture 57.5%

Salmon: Crude protein 15.0 %, Crude fat 17.1%, Crude ash 2.3%, Crude fibre 1.4%, Moisture 63.3%

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