• The Rational Behind Feeding a Raw Diet as opposed to Commercial Food

    The domestic dog is descended from the wolf, or a common ancestor, and is a carnivore. The wolf may self medicate and eat some plant materials, but for the most part, it is carnivore, eating whole prey, or parts of whole prey, and shaking out and leaving stomach contents.

    In 1932, Dr. Francis Marion Pottenger Jr. began an experiment in

    nutrition, supervised by Dr. Pottenger and Dr. Alvin Foord who

    was the professor of Pathology at the University of Southern

    Carolina and also worked in pathology at Huntingdon Memorial


  • Pet Bereavement

    There are complementary therapies which can be of great help to bereaved owners and other pets when a loved one passes over which I can help with.
  • What is a Natural Canine Diet?

    If for some reason our dogs became free tomorrow what would they do ?
    They would scavenge to begin with, and in time, revert back to their instinctual natural behaviour in order to survive
  • Ready for a New Dog?

    This is mainly done from the viewpoint of those who will be buying a puppy of a specific breed.
    It is a very valid alternative to rescue a dog, but for some they will want a pup and this blog is specific to them.
  • Puppies!

    There is no reason to wait to change your puppy over to a raw diet, infact, the sooner a puppy is changed over to raw, the better it is.
  • Liver in Your Dogs Diet?

    Does Liver have a place in Your Dogs Diet?
    It is often said that, “liver blows any fruit or vegetable out of the water in terms of nutrient-density” –  do you know how important Liver is and what a nutritional powerhouse it is for your dogs?
  • Why Feed Tripe?

    Something which many are first introduced to when they start feeding their animals a raw diet, Tripe. Foul-smelling, looks like carpet underlay, tough to cut up, some discard it and don’t feed it, others recognise that even though the smell makes them gag, their dogs love it, so they feed it.
  • Why Diet Matters

    Why does it matter ?
    Well, for the same reason it does for us – you are, what you eat !
    Your food is the fuel for your body, and to operate at optimum levels, the correct food needs to go in.
  • Why Not Feed Kibble and Raw

    So, Should Kibble be Mixed with Raw ?
    The short answer is No, the long answer follows. 
    In a perfect world, no dog would be subjected to eating carbohydrate laden, enzyme-less, dead and nutrient deficient kibble.
  • Is Raw Feeding Safe?

    If you, like many other dog parents have switched your companion to a raw food diet, or are considering it, you might be concerned about information out there that says Raw food is not safe. Here’s another side to the story, from a holistic vet’s perspective.
  • Influence of Diet on Genetics

    It is probable that many factors in the environment all play their own role in determining whether genetic susceptibility to specific diseases ever develop into actual problems.