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Changeover for Dogs

Our own guide, formulated with a Qualified Nutritional Consultant and Veterinary Approved.

An approximate starting point for working out approx daily feed amount based on current weight and age - tweak up/down to suit individual.

7-10wks: 8-10% (4 meals)

10-16wks: 7-8%

16-20wks: 6-7% (3 meals)

20-24wks: 5-6%

24-36wks: 4-5%

36-68wks: 3-5% (2 meals)

68wks+: stabilising to 2-3%

*To Lose weight = 1.5-2%

*To Stay the same (Pets) = 2%

*To Stay the same (Working) = 2.5%

*To Gain weight = 3-3.5%

*Smaller breeds may be ready to have food reduced sooner as they mature faster.

*The 'ideal' condition to aim for, is to be able to feel and count every rib, but not feel spine or inbetween ribs, or see ribs.

Watch Stools!

*Small, formed, holds shape, barely leaves a trace when picked up = Perfect

*Very small and hard, crumbly, white = Too much bone, bring in some plain tripe or extra offal to prevent constipation.

*Soft, not holding shape = Too little bone/too much offal. Introduce some high bone items (Wings, Spine, Carcass, Sternum/Ribs)

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Changeover for Cats

Cats have a much higher metabolism then Dogs and as such need feeding a minimum of twice daily. NEVER starve a cat, this can cause life threatening issues. Cats cannot produce taurine themselves so this will need to be supplemented, a small amount of heart daily should be sufficient.

For Adult Cats weigh and work out daily feed amount based on weight

For Adult Cats needing to gain weight = 4%

For Adult Cats needing to maintain weight = 3%

For Adult Cats needing to lose weight = 2%*

*When Promoting weight loss with Cats it is VERY important that they do not go for long periods without feeding, ideally the meals should not only be cut down in size, but spread out across the day to ensure that weight loss does not happen too quickly as this can result in liver problems.

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