• Verm-X

    About the makers of Verm-X and Allergy-X
    Paddocks Farm Partnership Ltd, the makers of Verm-X, is the only company in the world that exclusively focuses on producing natural intestinal hygiene products for animals.
  • Slippery Elm

    Slippery Elm is a wonderful supplementary food which can be a great help to dogs and puppies. In the form of a gruel it has literally brought puppies passing bloody stools back from the brink of death when all else has failed.
  • Joint Aid

    Joint aid for dogs
    …the painless, economical aid for maintaining healthy joints.
    Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that the well being of many dogs is compromised by the onset of stiff joints or uneasy movement at some points in their lives.
  • Higher Nature Products

    Higher Nature Products
    We only stock good quality products and ranges and are proud to have Higher Nature products within our range also:
  • Dorwest Veterinary Herbal Products for Cats and Dogs

    Dorwest Herbs was founded in 1948, that's over 60 years specialist experience in companion animals and herbal treatments. They create products to keep dogs and cats healthy and happy by using pharmaceutical quality herbal supplements and licensed herbal medicines. 

  • Neem

    Have you heard of Neem? Many have never heard of this amazing plant, let me open the door for you on the many ways this plant is good for you and your pets and it’s many practical uses for everyday life.
  • Smartbarf

    It’s never been easier to add essential herbs, vegetables, fruit and more to the daily food, forget hours making your own, searching high and low for the perfect mixture, and dogs LOVE it!
  • Moxxor Omega 3

    We did a lot of hunting a couple of years ago to find a good quality, cold-pressed, or cold-extracted fish/animal sourced omega 3 oil for pets.
  • Colloidal Silver

    The beneficial properties of silver have been known for many years, and it was used quite extensively in medicine right up until the 1940s. It only fell out of favour when it was supplanted in many applications by penicillin and other modern ‘wonder drugs’.
  • Aloe Vera

    In our searching for good quality, naturally-based products, to be effective in place of allopathic steroids/antibiotics etc.