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If you are having any issues with our website and the fix to that issue isn't below, please email us with screenshots or a screen recording of the issue and any information about the issue, as we will contact Shopify directly about any issues to do our best to get them resolved quickly.

Having struggles with our website? Below we have some issues and fixes others have experienced in the past.

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Apple Pay isn't working?

This question has come to us before, and we have contacted shopify to see whats causing this. They have previously told us that the Apple Pay on our website is up and running fine, and for customers to look into the following on their own devices:

Devices that support Apple Pay:

To see the Apple Pay button, customers must use Safari on iOS 12.1 or MacOS 10.14.1 on one of the following devices:
IPhone (SE, 6, 6 PLUS, or newer)
IPad (Pro, Air 2, Mini 3 or newer)
Apple Watch
Macbook Pro with Touch ID
Any Mac model (2012 or newer) plus an Apple Pay-enabled IPhone or Apple Watch.

Apple Pay button not showing in checkout:

To see the Apple Pay button in your checkout, you must be using Safari on iOS 12.1 or macOS 10.14.1. If you are using the latest version of Safari and the pay button still doesn't appear, then make sure you meet all the requirements for using Apple Pay.

If customers are using the Buy Button to pay for their order, then Apple Pay will not be offered because its not supported by that sales channel.

Error when checking out with Apple Pay on Mac:

If you see an error message after trying to check out with Apple Pay on a Mac, then there might be a communication problem between your phone and your computer. To verify connectivity, the customer must make sure the phone and the computer meet the following setup requirements:

They are close to each other.
Bluetooth is turned on.
They are both logged in to the same iCloud account.

If you are still experiencing
issues after checking these requirements are correct, contact Shopify
using your customer account details (Name, Email etc) so that they can
investigate the issue for you. To contact them, follow this link - and scroll
to the bottom of the page to the ‘Contact Shopify Support’ button.

Information source:

I'm not receiving any emails about delivery reminders?

If you are not receiving email communication from us, there are a few steps to fix this:

Check your junk folder.
A lot of emails nowadays from businesses end up in the junk/spam folder. This is caused by a few reasons but the biggest one is: Email built in Spam protectors. Where these are good to filter out those bulk spam emails people receive, the Spam protectors aren't as fine tuned as we would want them to be and unfortunately, this causes some business emails to end up in the Spam or Junk folder automatically. If you are expecting an email from us please always check your Spam or Junk folder first before contacting us.

How do you prevent emails from being placed in Spam/Junk?
This might seem like something none can change, but there is a way to try to prevent this from happening.
Spam protectors tend to automatically label emails that get little to no interaction as Spam or Junk, so by simply opening the email from us and moving that email from your Junk/Spam folder into your inbox increase your interactions with emails from us each time you do it. The Spam protector will see your increased interaction with emails from us and start to send our emails to your inbox.

Create a Rule in your email to send emails from us straight to your inbox. By doing this, you are counteracting the Spam protector, so when your email receives an email from our address, the rule will run and either send it straight to your inbox or it will take it from your junk folder and place it into your inbox to be viewed.

Contact us

In order to receive marketing or delivery emails from us, you would need to subscribe to email notifications and marketing from us, or else our system won't allow us to send those emails to you. Now I know what you may be thinking, but what if you aren't interested in marketing emails and only want delivery reminders? Not to worry, keeping this in mind we have separated our email subscribers into two categories, customers who would like to receive all emails from us and customers who only want delivery related emails from us. Every customer who signs up gets automatically put into the All Emails category, but if you would like to change this we can do that for you.
A lot of people when they make a new account with us will either miss or not see the tick box to subscribe to email marketing from us, without even realising, so by contacting us we can check your customer account to see if you are subscribed and if you aren't, subscribe you to email updates.

Where do I put my collection time and date?

On the cart page when you go to check out your order there will be a section that asks you to supply a collection date and time from a drop down menu. By choosing on that what day you would like to collect and what time, that will appear on your order notes once the order is placed.

If you can't see the text or the drop down menu to choose, simply put your collection date and time in the cart notes on the opposite side of the screen to your checkout button.

Checkout saying "Zip code does not match billing address" Or having trouble verifing your address?

We have been in contact with Shopify about this issue and have received some insight on that way they verify addresses and how to fix the error quickly if you find your struggling with it:

"Shopify relies on Google's APIs to determine geocodes. This means if Google can geocode
an address, we deem it verified. This also means that if Google cannot or has
not geocoded your address, it will not be able to be verified on Shopify's
side, and therefore will lead to issues at checkout. If
their address and zipcode are correct, the quickest way to a solution will be
to suggest a correction on Google Maps via
this link
. Google will update the information and then they should be able
to check out with that address."

If you are still experiencing this issue after trying this fix, please email us with a screen recording of your check out process so we can forward that to Shopify to look into further.

How do deliveries work?

We have 7 delivery runs up and running currently.

6 of them are run on a 4 weekly basis, those runs are all the ones that are outside a 20 mile radius to our shop. These runs are:
The Cambs run.
The Herts run.
The Pboro/Ely run.
The Norfolk run.
The Suffolk run.
The MK/Nhants run.
These runs consist of all the postcodes within our delivery area.
We only deliver to these areas, so anyone further out then our delivery areas we would be unable to deliver to, but we are more then happy to redirect customers to other stockists that do cover their area.

The last delivery run is the Local run, this covers everywhere within a 20 mile radius of our shop, and is sent out on a 2 weekly basis. Anyone who is outside a 20 mile radius of our shop won't be able to go on our Local run, but depending where you are based we can fit you on another one of our runs.

On our Ordering and Delivery page, we have a list of all the postcodes we currently deliver to on each run. This doesn't mean if your postcode isn't on there we don't deliver to it, the list mainly consists of the postcodes we currently deliver to, so if you would like to see if you would fit on one of those runs, please feel free to contact us and we will let you know.

We send a routinely delivery reminder to our customers a week before the run is due to go out, which gives you 2 days notice before our order deadline to place an order and fit onto our delivery run. Our order deadline is normally 5 days before the run is due to go out, to give us time to pick your orders, email our customers for any substitutes that may be needed, to create our delivery schedules and send our customers their delivery timeslots.

If you are absolutely desparate, the earliest after the deadline you can message us about an order the more likely we may be able to fit you onto the run, but we do not guarantee it and will have to refuse if we need to, so we urge customers to get their orders in before the deadline to secure a order on our delivery run.

How do I put my Dog or Cat on raw?

We always suggest customers new to raw feeding should make a trip to our shop if they can, so we can talk the changeover with them in person and they can choose what brand or feeding style they want to go with. Every pet needs to be on a complete diet, which means they will receive all the nutrients they need in each meal. This can be done through either buying a complete mince, with everything included or by buying a balanced mince, frozen fish/fish oil and a vegetable/fruit/seed powder and putting the meal together yourself. Either style is completely fine, just there may be some price differences or convenience differences between the two, so it is completely up to the customer which style better suits them and their day to day life. We will always run through everything you need to know and offer comparisons so we can help you the best we can on starting your raw feeding journey.

For anyone who is unable to make it to our shop due to distance or convenience, we are happy to run through everything on the phone with you so you can formulate a delivery order and start your pet on a changeover. If you would like to start the process of changing your pet onto a raw diet please contact us either via phone, email or website chat, or head into our shop.

Can I order my frozen food through Postage?

Unfortunately we do not offer postage for frozen products. This is because we currently don't have a courier service that we work with that will deliver frozen goods.

We do offer a delivery service to East Anglia, where we will deliver your frozen food to your door on a 2 or 4 weekly basis depending on your location. Please see Ordering and Delivery page for more info.

We also offer collections from our store, which is open 6 days a week. Please see Ordering and Delivery for more info on collection and Contact Us for our opening hours.

Can I feed commercial Dog and Cat treats while on a raw diet?

We don't recommend feeding your pets any commercially sold treats when on a raw diet.

This is because large treat brands normally fill their treats with grains, sugers, fillers and nasty extras that are not healthy for your pet.

If you are moving to a raw diet it is best to move onto natural treats aswell, to keep your pet as healthy as possible.

We sell a large range of natural treats along with our raw food for our customers. See our Treats section in the menu to view our range.

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Sharon Winkler Osteopathic Practice for Animals
Monday to Saturday 8:30am-8pm
The Bishops Veterinary Surgery, Parkhouse Court, Hatfield, UK AL10 9RQ

Sharon Winkler Osteopathic Practice for People
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45 Chelwood Avenue, Birchwood, Hatfield, UK AL10 0RF

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Available for messaging daily.
Training Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Pantile Farm, Soham, Ely, UK CB7 5ER

Woofin Walkies

Dog Walks Mon-Fri Early till Late
Weekends upon request
Covers Hitchin, Letchworth and surrounding villages.

useful websites for anyone to browse through and answer any questions they may have. Each tab covers a certain area of questions and each contain website links we have looked through and found are good sources of information.

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For those who do decide to still vaccinate - the Real vaccine guidelines from WSAVA, yearly boosters were supposed to be stopped back in 2007:


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Helpful links on first aid and services.

First Aid

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