• Why We Do Not Recommend Hotdog Sausages for Dogs

    We all know this ‘food’ is highly processed, using the cheapest and lowest quality trimmings, available. The trimmings are chopped, mixed with water, corn syrup or sorbitol, salt, food starch, spices and liquid smoke, then blended together.
  • Personal Experience Of Natural Diet and Healthcare Choices

    I am on a few breed lists for the breed I have which is the German Shepherd Dog. One of the ones I am on has members who use all different types of diets, and healthcare choices for their dogs.

    Many dog owners tend to very quickly become fanatics about their breed, so there are lots of people on these lists, and one health issue which comes up time and again, and is helped a great deal and often even cured with a natural diet and healthcare approach is pancreatic weakness/issues.

  • Healing Crisis?

    Have you ever heard the term 'Healing Crisis'? Chances are you haven't unless you or your animal has been through it, and if you have chosen a good raw feed supplier, who really knows about canine nutrition and dietary needs, and is able to give you proper, informed support in changing your dog over to a raw diet, you will never see it, and your dogs health will simply go from strength to strength.

  • Types of Raw Diet

    There are as many different ways to feed raw, as there are raw feeders, in my opinion, but it mainly comes down to 3 basic types, which are then tweaked to suit every individual, the three basic types being:
  • Signs your Dogs Diet Needs Changing

    Many people will never have considered this unless their dog [and by extension, them], suffer severely on a specific diet, like with diarrhea or sickness; but there are many other symptoms that are indicative of your dogs diet not suiting them which owners will just think are 'normal'.
  • Feeding Your Dog Bones

    One of the biggest things which people worry about, and which makes some people turn away from the idea of feeding a natural, raw diet to their pet, is the idea of feeding bones.
  • Meals and Quantities

    Quantities To Feed Your Dog

    This is one of the most overwhelming aspects of starting your dog on a Raw Diet, but is actually very easily worked out.

  • Changeover for Puppies to Raw

    It can be a daunting thought to change your new puppy over to a raw diet if they have come to you with a bag of dried food. Some are very lucky to find breeders who have weaned their pups straight onto raw and give lots of good advice, but many pups are on dried food when bought from breeders who know very little or nothing of raw.
  • Raw Diet Guide

    Dogs are carnivores, this does not mean they should eat only meat though. It is known that wolves and wild dogs eat berries and supplement their diets with herbs, berries etc.
  • Changeover to Raw Guide

    Our own (Naturally Healthy Pet) changeover guide, formulated with a Qualified Canine Nutritional Consultant and Holistic Vet Approved.