• Julie - Boss

    Julie is a seasoned boss and a loving mother of five. Her kind and outgoing nature shines through in her leadership style, and she's an avid animal lover who enjoys sharing informative insights. With over 25+ years of experience in raw feeding and using natural remedies, she can answer any of your queries.

  • Sarah - Website and Graphic Designer/Office Administrator

    Sarah excels as a Website and Graphic Designer/Office Administrator, drawing from her extensive experience and knowledge. Her kindness and informative approach make her an invaluable asset to the team. Having grown up with raw fed dogs, Sarah has a good understanding of this diet and natural healthcare. Now due to having cats, can help more where cats are involved.

  • Dan - Warehouse and Shop Floor Assistant

    Dan, a Warehouse and Shop Assistant, exudes an outgoing and kind demeanor, coupled with a deep love for animals. He enjoys sharing helpful information and contributes positively to the workplace atmosphere. Having grown up around raw fed dogs, Dan has a good understanding of a raw fed diet and natural healthcare.

  • Phil - Qaulified Nutrition Consultant

    Phil, a Qualified Nutrition Consultant, combines experience with an outgoing and kind disposition. His informative and chatty nature makes him a trusted source of advice and support for clients seeking better health and nutrition.

Our Story

Our German Shepherd bitch Jess led us to finding out about, and changing to feeding a raw diet in 1995 to try and help health and behaviour problems, mainly constantly nervous/on edge, digestive, and occasional seizures from about 2yrs old. Through research we found out about, and switched onto a full raw diet and saw a rapid improvement.

Like many who start a more natural diet we reviewed the toxins she was being exposed to, and swapped to more natural ways, and the seizures also stopped, amazing! Jess lived to 13yrs old, which considering her first 7yrs of ill health, particularly digestive ill health, which would have greatly impacted her immune system, was fantastic. We are now with different dogs, and have stayed with natural rearing and have dogs that rarely ever need to see a vet.

In 1995 there were only a handful of raw dog food suppliers to cover the whole country, and although there was 1 quite costly brand in pet shops. Our closest wholesale manufacturer was in Staffordshire and would deliver bulk orders to me, so I started taking orders from friends. 
It soon became apparent that there were quite a few people who wanted to follow a more natural approach and struggled with sourcing, and the idea of a business began to form.
Naturally Healthy Dogs was started in November 2011, initially providing natural treats, natural healthcare products, reiki and eft therapy for cats and dogs. In December 2012 we added raw dog food to the business.
Within a few yrs we moved to business premises, and the rest is history! Initially it was myself and my late husband Dave helped a lot, and over the years all of our 5 children have worked with us. Currently it is run by myself (Julie), Dan and  Sarah, with Phil here also on a Saturday.


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