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Recreational Bones

Recreational Bones

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Indulge your canine companion with our selection of Recreational Bones, sourced from top-quality providers Duram Animal Feeds (DAF) and The Dogs Butcher (TDB). Available in convenient 1kg packs, these recreational bones offer a natural and satisfying chewing experience for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Variety and Options:
- Goat: Sourced from The Dogs Butcher (TDB), our goat bones provide a unique and flavorful chewing experience.
- Lamb: Duram Animal Feeds (DAF) offers lamb bones, including legs, shoulder, and back bones, packed with irresistible taste and nutrients.
- Pork: DAF's pork bones, sourced from legs, shoulders, and back bones, are a favorite among many dogs, offering a rich and satisfying chew.
- Veal and Venison: From TDB, our veal and venison bones provide a delectable and nutritious option for dogs seeking variety in their chewing routine.
- Beef Knuckle Bones: Sold individually and sourced from DAF, our beef knuckle bones are sized between the size of a cricket ball and a 10"- 8"- 6" chunk, perfect for hours of chewing enjoyment.

Treat your furry friend to the natural joy of chewing with our range of Recreational Bones. Whether it's the satisfying crunch of a pork bone or the exotic taste of venison, these bones are sure to keep your dog entertained and satisfied while promoting dental health and mental stimulation.


- DAF Beef Knuckle: Beef knuckle bones.
- TDB Goat: Goat bones.
- DAF Pork: Pork bones sourced from legs, shoulder, back, etc.
- DAF Lamb: Lamb bones sourced from legs, shoulder, back, etc.
- TDB Veal: Veal bones.
- TDB Venison: Venison bones.

Typical Analysis

Typical Analysis:
- DAF Beef Knuckle: Protein: 24%, Oil: 17%, Moisture: 43%.
- TDB Goat: Protein, Oil, Moisture (analysis data unavailable).
- DAF Pork: Protein: 24%, Oil: 17%, Moisture: 43%.
- DAF Lamb: Protein: 24%, Oil: 17%, Moisture: 43%.
- TDB Veal: Protein, Oil, Moisture (analysis data unavailable).
- TDB Venison: Protein, Oil, Moisture (analysis data unavailable).

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