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Worm Count Test Kit

Worm Count Test Kit

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This simple worm egg test will tell you if
  • Your dog or cat has worms
  • If your current wormer is/isn't working
  • Whether or not you need to use chemical treatments to worm your dog or cat

We suggest doing a worm count test if

  • You raw feed
  • Your dog/cat is prone to fleas (immature fleas carry tapeworm)
  • You don’t want to use chemical worming treatments unnecessarily
  • You want to make sure the wormer you’re using is working
  • You want to worm less often but remain protected
  • Your dog is a scavenger or a grass eater!
  • You can’t worm your dog/cat for health reasons
  • You want to test for lungworm (this requires a separate test)

What each kit tests for

Toxocara, tapeworm, whipworm, hookworm 

How to do a test

Kits fit easily through your letterbox and don’t need signing for.

Open the kit. Take a sample of your dogs/cats poo from that day using the small spoon provided. Put the sample into the smell proof bag, dispose of the spoon! Put the smell proof bag into the freezer bag the kit comes in. Fill out your details on the enclosed form and put the lot into the Freepost bag. Post as soon after collecting the sample as possible. Try to take the sample on Sunday to Thursday so the sample isn’t sitting in the post box for a couple of days.

There is no need to go to a post office, the sample will fit in any postbox.

The sample goes directly to the lab for testing. The results are emailed to you within 24/48 hours of receipt. It really is that simple!

What’s in the kit

  • Full instructions
  • Disposable gloves
  • Collection spoon(s)
  • Smell proof bag(s)
  • Outer bag
  • Freepost envelope


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