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Whole Raw Sprats

Whole Raw Sprats


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Elevate your pet's diet with the nutritious goodness of Whole Raw Sprats, conveniently packaged in individually frozen portions and presented in a recyclable, resealable pack. Sourced from the genus Sprattus within the family Clupeidae, these small oily fish, commonly known as sprats, offer a wealth of health benefits for your furry friend.

Key Features:
- Individually Frozen: Our Whole Raw Sprats are individually quick-frozen (IQF), preserving their freshness and nutritional integrity. Each sprat is frozen separately, allowing for easy portioning and serving, ensuring that your pet receives a fresh and wholesome meal every time.
- Rich in Omega Fatty Acids: Sprats are renowned for their high levels of omega fatty acids, essential nutrients that support your pet's overall health and well-being. By incorporating sprats into your pet's diet, you can boost their omega fatty acid intake, promoting healthy skin, coat, and immune function.
- Versatile Feeding Options: Whether served defrosted or frozen, Whole Raw Sprats offer a versatile feeding option for your pet. You can choose to thaw the sprats before feeding or offer them frozen as a refreshing and satisfying treat, catering to your pet's preferences and dietary needs.

Raw and Natural:
It's important to note that our Whole Raw Sprats are a raw product and intended solely for pet consumption. With no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients, these sprats provide a natural and wholesome meal option that aligns with your pet's carnivorous instincts and dietary requirements.

Please be advised that Whole Raw Sprats are not intended for human consumption. We recommend handling them with care and following proper hygiene practices when serving them to your pet.

Treat your pet to the natural goodness of Whole Raw Sprats, packed with omega fatty acids and essential nutrients to support their health and vitality. With convenient individually frozen portions and a recyclable, resealable pack, feeding your pet has never been easier.


Ingredients and Analysis:
As a natural and minimally processed food option, our Whole Raw Sprats contain only one ingredient: sprats. While specific analysis may vary, sprats are typically rich in protein, omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, offering a nutrient-dense meal option that supports your pet's overall health and vitality.

Typical Analysis

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mrs Brown
Great sprats

Great size for my cavapoo. So handy and convent to bulk up his dinner.

Hi Mrs Brown,
Thankyou for your great review. We find the sprats a great addition too!

Great snack

My dog get one each night, great they are free flow

Hi Laura,
Thankyou for your great review, the sprats are great, not surprisingly they are one of our best sellers!

Nicki Querino

My dog loves his food he’s looking much healthier and certainly has more energy. Staff was very helpful and provided me with all the info I needed to change hun to raw diet will be ordering again for this month thanks naturally healthy pet’s highly recommend them

Hi Nicki, thankyou for your great review. We're very pleased all is going well and your dog is enjoying it's food.

gillian oleary
Dog food

Best raw food shop ever Amazing stock and brilliant service

Thankyou for your Great review Gillian.

Leigh Martin

A great treat in the evening & sometimes add to my dogs food

Thankyou for your Great review Leigh, one of our Best Sellers!

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