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Whole Rabbit Kidneys

Whole Rabbit Kidneys


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Introduce your pet to a delectable and nutrient-rich treat with our Whole Rabbit Kidneys. Packed into convenient 1kg bags, these rabbit kidneys with fat offer a wholesome and biologically appropriate food option for your furry friend.

Key Features:

- Premium Quality: Our Whole Rabbit Kidneys are sourced from high-quality rabbits and packed with care to ensure freshness and flavor. Each kidney is rich in natural fats, providing a delicious and satisfying meal option for your pet.
- Nutrient-Rich: Rabbit kidneys are prized for their nutrient density, offering essential vitamins and minerals that support your pet's health and vitality. They are particularly rich in fats, which serve as a concentrated source of energy for active pets. Additionally, rabbit kidneys contain moisture to help keep your pet hydrated and nourished.
- Convenient Packaging: Each bag contains 1kg of whole rabbit kidneys with fat, providing ample portions for your pet's dietary needs. Whether you have a single pet or multiple furry friends to feed, our convenient packaging ensures that you always have a fresh and delicious treat on hand.

Treat your pet to the natural goodness of our Whole Rabbit Kidneys. With their superior quality and nutrient-rich profile, these rabbit kidneys are sure to delight your pet's taste buds and provide a satisfying snack option for any occasion.


Our Whole Rabbit Kidneys are crafted from 100% rabbit kidney with fat. We take pride in offering a natural and minimally processed food option for your pet. Rest assured that our rabbit kidneys are free from artificial additives or preservatives, providing a wholesome and nutritious treat that your pet will love.

Typical Analysis

Typical Analysis:

Per 100g serving, our Whole Rabbit Kidneys offer a balanced nutrient profile tailored to meet your pet's dietary requirements. The typical analysis per 100g includes:

- Moisture: 29%
- Protein: 3%
- Fats: 62%
- Fiber: 0%
- Ash: 1%
- Calcium: 0.00%
- Phosphorus: 0.10%
- Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio (Ca:P): 0.0<br>- Energy: 567 kcal/100g

These values highlight the nutrient composition of rabbit kidneys and emphasize their nutritional benefits for your pet. With their high-fat content and essential vitamins and minerals, our Whole Rabbit Kidneys provide a wholesome and delicious treat that supports your pet's overall well-being.

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