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Stink Off Natural Coat Spray

Stink Off Natural Coat Spray

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STINK OFF NATURAL COAT SPRAY for dogs works on contact with bad odours, forming a harmless, neutral molecule to completely eliminate the odour. This is achieved by combining 100% natural renewable and sustainable plant extracts that are scientifically proven to work.

250ml bottle

Otodex® STINK OFF NATURAL COAT SPRAY is effective against:

Dog urine & faeces
Horse poo
Pond smell
Damp dog
Fox poo
And for dogs that are just a bit stinky ….

To be used on dogs only.

Made from 100% natural plant extracts.


Made from 100% natural and sustainable plant extracts.


Instructions for use:
Spray directly onto your dog’s coat from a distance of around 30cm. For really strong odours and thick coated dogs brush through and reapply.
Avoid eye area.
Non hazardous.

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