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Pork Pancreas Chunks

Pork Pancreas Chunks

Durham Animal Feeds

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Introducing Pork Pancreas Chunks, a specialized dietary option designed specifically for dogs with pancreatic issues. Each pack contains 1kg of premium pork pancreas chunks, providing a nutrient-rich solution to support your pet's health and well-being.

Key Features:
- Pancreatic Support: Pork pancreas chunks are an excellent source of nutrients that can benefit dogs with pancreatic issues. The pancreas plays a crucial role in digestion and the regulation of blood sugar levels. By incorporating pancreas chunks into your dog's diet, you can help support their pancreatic function and overall digestive health.
- High-Quality Ingredients: Our Pork Pancreas Chunks are made from high-quality pork pancreas sourced from trusted suppliers. We ensure that only the finest ingredients are used, providing your pet with a wholesome and nutritious dietary option.
- 1kg Packs: Each pack contains 1kg of pork pancreas chunks, providing you with a convenient and cost-effective solution for meeting your pet's dietary needs. With generous portion sizes, you can easily incorporate pancreas chunks into your pet's meals as needed.
- Ideal for Pancreatic Issues: Dogs with pancreatic issues require special dietary considerations to manage their condition effectively. Our Pork Pancreas Chunks are formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of dogs with pancreatic issues, making them an ideal choice for pet owners seeking targeted support for their furry companions.

Provide your dog with the support they need to thrive with Pork Pancreas Chunks. Whether your pet requires additional pancreatic support or simply enjoys the taste of pork pancreas, our chunks offer a nutritious and delicious option that can benefit their overall health and well-being.



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Massive chunks

I have a dog with pancreatitis, so rather than taking tablets we have always chose to feed small quantities of pancreas with each meal to supplement his enzymes. We have recently moved down from Lincolnshire where we had a good supply from a local butcher, since moving we have found it very difficult to find a new supply until we came across these which is great the only downside is the chunks are massive, the bags only have about 4 chunks which are too large for his individual meals therefore we are having to defrost and store in the fridge which is a little inconvenient and potentially spoiling the effectiveness.
Would prefer either individual pancreas's or minced options to make it easier to keep frozen until needed.

Hi Liz, thankyou for your review. We are happy to stock the pancreas chunks, and try to keep these available as we know there are those like yourself who use it more in a medicinal capacity than as food. As you have found there are also barely any who stock it as standard like we do, because they are making their business decisions based solely on item sales figures, and this item doesn't sell very well as thankfully there are not many dogs with pancreatic issues needing them, but we know how important it is for those dogs who cannot use the powdered enzymes for pancreatic issues, who would literally die without it, so we make an exception, and put barely any mark-up on it, basically only covering our own costs to keep it as affordable as possible as to our knowledge there are only 2 raw suppliers who do it, and the other is a lot more costly.
Unfortunately we have no control over the size of the chunks as it comes in a sealed pack, but will pass on your request to the supplier, but there is no reason why you can't let it soften slightly and whilst still frosty cut into whatever size suits your dog and put the daily portion amounts back in the freezer.

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