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Poop Bags - Compostable

Poop Bags - Compostable

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Introducing our eco-friendly solution for pet waste cleanup – Poop Bags made from 100% compostable, plant-based materials. Designed with the environment in mind, these bags offer a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic options.

Key Features:
- Compostable Design: Our poop bags are 100% compostable, meaning they break down into natural components in under a year. By choosing compostable bags, you're not only keeping your neighborhood clean but also contributing to a healthier planet.
- Environmentally Friendly: From the box to everything inside it, our poop bags are entirely compostable. Say goodbye to plastic waste and hello to a greener future with our eco-conscious solution.
- Certified Standards: Rest assured that our product meets the highest industry standards for compostability. We adhere to ASTM 6400 and EN13432 Standards, ensuring that our bags are truly environmentally sustainable.
- Generous Size: Our poop bags are generously sized at 23cm x 32.5cm (9 x 13 inches), making them suitable for handling waste of all sizes. With ample room and sturdy construction, you can confidently pick up and dispose of pet waste without worry.

Make a positive impact on the environment with our Compostable Poop Bags. Whether you're walking your dog in the park or cleaning up after your furry friend at home, our eco-friendly bags offer a sustainable solution to pet waste management. Say goodbye to plastic pollution and embrace a greener, more sustainable future with our compostable poop bags.

Made From

- Convenient Packaging Options: Our compostable poop bags are available in various packaging options to suit your needs. Choose from single rolls for on-the-go convenience or opt for a box of 12 rolls for long-term use. Each roll contains 15 bags, providing you with a sufficient supply for regular waste cleanup.

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