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Pet Wash Bag

Pet Wash Bag

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Keep Your Pet's Laundry Clean and Hair-Free with the Pet Wash Bag

Introducing the ultimate solution for pet owners: the Pet Wash Bag. Designed with convenience and functionality in mind, this user-friendly wash bag is equipped with a zip front closure and a convenient hanging loop for easy storage.

Key Features:
- Pet Hair Filtration: Say goodbye to pesky pet hair lingering in your washing machine. The Pet Wash Bag acts as a filtration system, trapping all pet hair inside the bag during the wash cycle while allowing water and detergent to flow freely through for a thorough cleaning.
- Easy Maintenance: After washing, simply shake out any trapped pet hair from the bag, making it ready for reuse. By using the wash bag, you'll prevent damage to your washing machine and avoid clogging the filter, keeping your machine clean and free from pet hair for future laundry loads.
- Prevent Buckle Damage: The wash bag also doubles as a protector for your washing machine, preventing buckle damage when washing items such as collars and harnesses. With the Pet Wash Bag, you can wash your pet's accessories worry-free.

How to Use:
1. Remove any loose pet hair from the item.
2. Place the item inside the wash bag, ensuring not to overload it.
3. Add your preferred detergent, either directly inside the bag or in the washing machine.
4. Wash at the recommended temperature for the garment, not exceeding 45°C.
5. After washing, remove the item from the bag and dry as usual. The wash bag can also be tumble dried if needed.
6. Turn the bag inside out, shake out any remaining pet hair, and it's ready for reuse.

Versatile Usage:
The Pet Wash Bag is suitable for washing a variety of pet-related items, including:
- Pet cushions
- Dog duvets
- Fleece blankets
- Veterinary bedding
- Cage liners and mats
- Pet clothing
- Pet towels
- Soft toys
- Collars and harnesses

Dimensions: 75cm (W) x 80cm (L)

Ensure your pet's laundry stays clean, hair-free, and fresh with the Pet Wash Bag. Say goodbye to pet hair in your washing machine and hello to hassle-free laundry days!

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