Organic Irish Kelp Powder Irish Kelp

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Irish Kelp

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Organic Irish Kelp Powder

Most kelps for pets are single variety, meaning they just contain one seaweed variety, such as fucus serratus, ascophyllum nodosum or laminaria digitata. Irish Kelp for Pets is a blend of three different kelps, so as to introduce a wider range of nutrients and benefits in to the diet.

Sustainably grown, and responsibly harvested off the West coast of Ireland, this blend is an excellent addition to a dogs' diet, as Kelp has an excellent range of bio-available micronutrients: trace elements, vitamins and minerals, meaning they can be easily absorbed giving a welcome boost to health.

Bioactive Compounds Found in Kelp:

  • Alginic acid is a soluble dietary fibre which has a positive effect on the digestive tract of animal.

  • Fucoidan and Fucoxanthin have been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-tumour and antioxidative properties.

  • Iodine is known for its role in thyroid hormones and function. It is necessary for healthy metabolism, neurological functioning and healthy skin condition.

Irish Kelp


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