Irish Kelp

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Most kelps for pets are single variety, meaning they just contain one seaweed variety, such as fucus serratus, ascophyllum nodosum or laminaria digitata. Irish Kelp for Pets is a blend of three different kelps, so as to introduce a wider range of nutrients and benefits in to the diet.

Sustainably grown, and responsibly harvested off the West coast of Ireland, this blend is an excellent addition to a dogs' diet, as Kelp has an excellent range of bio-available micronutrients: trace elements, vitamins and minerals, meaning they can be easily absorbed giving a welcome boost to health.

Bioactive Compounds Found in Kelp:

  • Alginic acid is a soluble dietary fibre which has a positive effect on the digestive tract of animal.

  • Fucoidan and Fucoxanthin have been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-tumour and antioxidative properties.

  • Iodine is known for its role in thyroid hormones and function. It is necessary for healthy metabolism, neurological functioning and healthy skin condition.

Irish Kelp


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