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Leucillin Spray

Leucillin Spray


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Introducing Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare, a revolutionary solution specially formulated for the equine and petcare market. Engineered to deliver high-strength healthcare benefits, this one-step topical pathogen control spray offers unparalleled efficacy and reliability.

Cutting-Edge Technology:
Leucillin harnesses the power of pioneering UK Hypochlorous Skincare Technology, setting a new standard in animal health and skincare. Developed as the first UK-manufactured Hypochlorous-based spray, Leucillin debuted at the prestigious Gatcombe Festival of Eventing in 2011, quickly establishing itself as the most potent skin pH neutral antiseptic solution available.

Proven Performance:
Crafted with a unique formulation, Leucillin delivers proven antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties, making it the go-to solution for a wide range of skin conditions. Its remarkable ability to eliminate up to 99.99999% of germs sets it apart from other products, ensuring optimal hygiene and skin health.

Versatile and Reliable:
Suitable for use on all mammals, birds, and reptiles, Leucillin offers versatility and reliability across different species. Whether it's a horse, hamster, or any other animal, Leucillin provides fast, safe, and incredibly effective skincare solutions.

Key Features:
- Effective on all mammalian animals
- Works in harmony with the body's immune system
- Free from steroids, antibiotics, or alcohols
- Maintains healthy, itch-free skin
- Non-toxic, skin pH neutral, and 100% safe
- Gentle and soothing, does not sting or irritate
- Preserves healthy tissue, does not harm
- No rinsing required for hassle-free application

Convenient and Easy to Use:
Leucillin's convenient spray format makes application a breeze, offering hassle-free administration for pet owners and caregivers. Simply spray onto the affected area for immediate relief and effective skincare.

Experience the Difference:
Trust Leucillin to provide your beloved animals with the care they deserve. With its unrivaled efficacy, safety, and versatility, Leucillin is the ultimate solution for maintaining optimal skin health and promoting overall well-being in pets of all shapes and sizes.



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Definitely recommend this product, amazing results

Hi Carla, Thankyou for your Great review.

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