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Kiezebrink Balanced Minces

Kiezebrink Balanced Minces


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Introducing our high-quality balanced mince mix, available in a variety of flavors and conveniently packed in 1kg portions. Crafted with natural ingredients and devoid of artificial additives, our mixes ensure a wholesome meal for your beloved pet. With a focus on diversity, we understand that no single flavor mix alone can provide a complete diet; therefore, our range offers the necessary variation for a balanced canine diet.

Our mince mix provides a balanced nutritional profile, with varying levels of moisture, protein, fats, fiber, ash, calcium, and phosphorus to cater to your dog's dietary needs. Each ingredient is carefully selected and combined to ensure optimal health and vitality for your furry friend. Whether it's duck, fish, hare, horse, pheasant, rabbit, or wild pigeon, our flavorful mince mix offers a delicious and nutritious mealtime experience for your canine companion.


- Duck: 100% Duck (40% carcass, 40% neck, 20% meat)
- Fish: 40% Salmon bodies, 30% whole Sardine, 30% whole Herring
- Hare: 100% Hare (Body, heart, lung, and liver)
- Horse: 100% Horse (60% meat, 20% meaty ribs, 15% heart, 5% liver)
- Pheasant: 100% Pheasant (Body with organs, without feathers and fillets)
- Rabbit: 100% Rabbit (60% back, 10% heart, 7% lung, 5% liver, 10% ear, 4% kidney, 4% fat)
- Wild Pigeon: 100% Pigeon (Body with organs, without feathers)

Typical Analysis

Typical Analysis:
- Rabbit: Moisture 62%, Protein 18%, Fats 15%, Fiber 0.2%, Ash 2.3%, Calcium 0.85%, Phosphorus 0.46%
- Duck: Moisture 68%, Protein 15%, Fats 12%, Fiber 0%, Ash 3.4%, Calcium 0.93%, Phosphorus 0.58%
- Horse: Moisture 68%, Protein 20%, Fats 9%, Fiber 0.2%, Ash 1%, Calcium 0.43%, Phosphorus 0.22%
- Fish: Moisture 69%, Protein 16%, Fats 10%, Fiber 0.2%, Ash 4%, Calcium 1.17%, Phosphorus 0.61%
- Hare: Moisture 68%, Protein 20%, Fats 6%, Fiber 0%, Ash 1.4%, Calcium 1.27%, Phosphorus 0.75%
- Pheasant: Moisture 58%, Protein 19%, Fats 11%, Fiber 0.6%, Ash 4.8%, Calcium 1.22%, Phosphorus 0.56%
- Wild Pigeon: Moisture 65%, Protein 20%, Fats 9%, Fiber 0.3%, Ash 5%, Calcium 1.41%, Phosphorus 0.97%

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Customer Reviews

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Sue Coleman
Great variety of meats

My dog loves all the different types of meat, hus coat is always shiny.

Hi Sue,
Thankyou for your great review. We're really pleased your dog is doing so well.

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