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Halloween Glow In The Dark Balls

Halloween Glow In The Dark Balls

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Get ready for a spook-tacular time with your furry friend this Halloween, courtesy of our special edition Spooky Bounce balls! Designed to add a touch of Halloween magic to playtime, these balls are sure to delight both you and your pooch.


Single Standard Size (60mm): The perfect size for interactive play, these balls are designed to engage your pup and provide hours of entertainment.

Glow in the Dark Mini Bounce Balls (45mm) 4pk: For a mesmerizing play experience, opt for our Mini Bounce Balls. This pack of four will keep the fun going even after the sun goes down.

Glow in the Dark High Bounce Balls (60mm) 3pk: Looking for extra bounce? Our High Bounce Balls come in a pack of three and are guaranteed to elevate playtime to new heights, especially when the lights go out.

Experience the thrill of watching these balls come to life as they glow in the dark. Simply charge them under a light source for a few minutes, and let the enchanting play begin!

Elevate your Halloween festivities with Spooky Bounce balls. Whether you choose the Mini Bounce Balls for added glow or the High Bounce Balls for some extra bounce, you're in for a howling good time. Celebrate this spooky season with your furry companion and let the playful spirits roam!

Made From

Single standard size 60mm
Glow in the Dark Mini Bounce Balls (45mm) 4pk
Glow in the Dark High Bounce Balls (60mm) 3pk

Just charge under a light source for a few minutes then watch Glow in the Dark.

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