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Elevate Your Dog's Treat Game with Anco Fusions Meat Treats!

Introducing Anco Fusions, the latest innovation in cold-pressed dog treats. These grain-free, gluten-free delights combine the wholesome goodness of beef with an infusion of different proteins for an extraordinary taste sensation. Crafted without additives, colourings, preservatives, or artificial flavours, Fusions deliver a high meat content in every bite, ensuring easy digestion and a delectable treat experience.

One of our star varieties, the cold-pressed beef and duck treats, is taken to the next level with the addition of 100% pure hemp oil. This nutrient-rich oil is a powerhouse of vitamins, antioxidants, and heart- and brain-boosting fats. Hemp oil offers an array of benefits for your furry friend, from nurturing skin with anti-inflammatory fatty acids to providing heart-healthy omega 3 and 6 oils.

The brain-boosting lipids and polyphenols in hemp oil optimize cognitive function, making it a wholesome addition to your dog's diet. It's also a natural source of relief from stress, muscle tension, and pain.

At Anco, we believe in keeping it clean and natural. That's why you won't find any added chemicals, preservatives, flavourings, colourants, or artificial additives in our treats. Your dog's health and well-being are our top priorities.

Our pocket-friendly pack sizes are designed for convenience on the go. Resealable and fully recyclable, they're perfect for outings, trips, or simply indulging your pup at home.

For suggested use, these treats can be given anytime, day or night. Many of our customers find that giving these treats before bedtime, prior to car journeys, or before heading out for a few hours works wonders.

Remember, moderation is key! We recommend up to 4 treats per pound (or 9 treats per kilogram) of body weight per day.

Available in 100g bags for Hemp & Non-Mini's, or 120g for Mini's, Anco Fusions Meat Treats are a delectable addition to your dog's snack repertoire. Elevate treat time with the quality and care that only Anco can provide!


Duck: Beef Meal (min 60%), Potato, Duck Meal (min 4%), Vegetable oil.
Ostrich: Beef Meal (min 60%), Potato, Ostrich Meal (min 4%), Vegetable oil.
Rabbit: Beef Meal (min 60%), Potato, Rabbit Meal (min 4%), Vegetable oil.
Venison: Beef Meal (min 60%), Potato, Venison Meal (min 4%), Vegetable oil.
Hemp: Beef Meal (min 46%), Duck Meal (min 4%), Potato, Hemp Oil (min 4%), Vegetable Oil.
Duck Mini: Beef Meal (min 60%), Potato, Duck Meal (min 4%), Vegetable oil.
Ostrich Mini: Beef Meal (min 60%), Potato, Ostrich Meal (min 4%), Vegetable oil.

Typical Analysis

Duck: Protein 41.3%, Fat 9%, Ash 12.3%, Fibre 1.6%
Ostrich: Protein 39.3%, Fat 9.4%, Ash 14.2%, Fibre 1.2%
Rabbit: Protein 39.8%, Fat 9.1%, Ash 13.2%, Fibre 1.8%
Venison: Protein 39.2%, Fat 9.4%, Ash 14.2%, Fibre 0.5%
Hemp: Protein 31%, Fat 6%, Ash 11%,
Duck Mini: Protein 41.3%, Fat 9%, Ash 12.3%, Fibre 1.6%
Ostrich Mini: Protein 39.3%, Fat 9.4%, Ash 14.2%, Fibre 1.2%

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Leigh Martin

Great little treat

Hi Leigh, Thankyou for reviewing the Fusions, they are indeed a great treat.


Great little treat especially for training.

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