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Freeze Dried Meat Bites

Freeze Dried Meat Bites

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Elevate treat time for your furry companion with Nature’s Variety Freeze Dried Bites. These are not just treats, they are the ultimate reward for your dog, made from nothing but 100% quality Chicken, Beef, or Lamb. Each bite-sized morsel is bursting with rich, meaty flavor.

We use the freeze drying process, a safe and gentle method, to preserve all the goodness and taste of the quality meat. This ensures that your dog gets a nutritious and intensely flavorful treat. The process intensifies the natural flavors that dogs crave, making these bites an irresistible delight.

With Nature’s Variety Freeze Dried Bites, convenience meets quality. These treats are ready to be enjoyed straight from the pack, no refrigeration necessary. Whether you have an adult dog or a playful puppy, these bites are suitable for dogs of all ages.

Our 20g re-sealable pack provides the perfect portion, keeping the treats fresh and ready for whenever your dog deserves a little extra love. Trust in Nature’s Variety for treats that prioritize quality, flavor, and the well-being of your cherished pet. Order now and watch your dog savor the taste of pure, natural goodness.



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