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Dougies Balanced Mince

Dougies Balanced Mince


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Dougies is committed to providing your pets with the highest quality food while minimizing their carbon footprint. They prioritize sourcing products from Yorkshire, supporting local communities and ensuring a smaller environmental impact. Additionally, Dougies places a strong emphasis on using free-range ingredients whenever possible.

Their Complimentary Single Protein food is specially designed for working dogs, available in a convenient 560g package. This is divided into four individual 140g blocks, making portioning a breeze. Each pack contains approximately 10% bone content, offering a balanced and nutritious meal for your canine companion.

To prepare, simply defrost the food overnight in the refrigerator and ensure it's consumed within 48 hours for optimal freshness and safety. It's important to follow proper hygiene practices when handling raw meat, so be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after use.

Dougies' Complimentary Single Protein food is priced per 560g pack, providing excellent value for the quality and nutritional benefits it offers. With Dougies' commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and prioritizing free-range options, you can trust that you're providing your pet with the very best. Give your working dog the nourishment they deserve with Dougies' thoughtfully crafted Complimentary Single Protein food.


Beef - 15% Beef Trim, 15% Ox Rib, 5% Ox Liver, 2.5% Ox Kidney, 2.5% Spleen, 25% Heart, 35% Ox Lung/ Trachea
Chicken - 90% Chicken Trim/Chicken Back, 5% Chicken Liver, 5% Chicken Heart
Chicken and Pork -
Chicken and Salmon -

Duck - 90% Duck Trim/Duck Gizzard/Duck Carcass, 5% Duck Liver, 5% Duck Heart
Lamb - 37.5% Lamb Heart + Trim, 15% Lamb Breast, 37.5% Lung + Trachea, 5% Lamb Liver, 5% Lamb Spleen
Rabbit -
Turkey and Oily Fish - Turkey Meat/Trim, Turkey Necks, Turkey Liver, Turkey Hearts, Whole Herring
Turkey - Turkey Meat & Trim, Turkey Necks, 5% Turkey Hearts, 5% Turkey Liver
Venison -

Typical Analysis

Beef - Crude Protein: 18.0%, Crude Fibre: 0.6%, Moisture: 65.3%, Ash 2.7%, Total Fat: 13.4%
Chicken - Crude Protein: 17%, Crude Fibre: 0.9%, Moisture: 62.7%, Ash 3.5%, Total Fat: 15.9%
Chicken and Pork -
Chicken and Salmon -
Duck - Crude Protein: 16.4%, Crude Fibre: 0.5%, Moisture: 63.8%, Ash: 3.7%, Total Fat: 14.1%
Lamb - Crude Protein: 16.8%, Crude Fibre: 0.5%, Moisture: 63.9%, Ash 4.4%, Total Fat 14.4%
Rabbit -
Turkey and Oily Fish - Crude Protein: 17.3%, Crude Fibre: 0.5%, Moisture: 67.5%, Ash 2.4%, Total Fat: 12.3%
Turkey - Crude Protein 18.9%, Crude Fibre 0.6%, Moisture 68.6%, Ash 1.1%, Total Fat 10.8%
Venison -

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