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DAF Pure Minces

DAF Pure Minces

Durham Animal Feeds

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Introducing our meticulously crafted Balanced Mince, a mouthwatering blend of meat, nutrient-rich bones, and essential offal, all finely minced to a convenient 8ml serving size. This carefully balanced mixture provides your pet with a complete and nourishing meal.

Each pack contains 454g of this premium-quality mince, ensuring you have the perfect portion for your furry companion's mealtime. At our establishment, we prioritize your pet's health and well-being, which is why our Balanced Mince is free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors. Your pet receives only the purest, most natural nutrition.

Our commitment to quality extends to the sourcing of real meat, delivering a protein-rich meal that supports your pet's overall health. With the inclusion of bones, our Balanced Mince provides a source of Omega-6 fatty acids, essential B vitamins, and crucial calcium, contributing to strong bones and overall vitality.

We take pride in offering a product that not only tastes exceptional but also supports your pet's health. Whether as a standalone meal or a delectable meal topper, our Balanced Mince is sure to become a favorite.

Elevate your pet's mealtime experience with our Balanced Mince. Choose quality, choose balanced nutrition, choose us for a taste of pure, natural goodness. Say yes to wholesome, flavorful nutrition without any artificial additives. Your pet deserves the best, and that's exactly what we provide.


Beef: (80% Meat, 10% Bone, 10% Offal), Beef Cuts, Bone, Heart, Liver, Spleen.
Chicken: (75% Meat, 15% Bone, 10% Offal), Chicken Cut, Bone, Heart, Liver, Spleen.
Duck: 75% Muscle-meat, 15% Bone, 10% Offal (5% Liver, 5% Spleen)
Goat: Minced Goat meat (80%), bone (10%),liver (5%), other offal (5%)
Goose: Goose 80%, 15% bone 10% offal
Guinea Fowl: 100% Guinea Fowl
Haddock: (99% Meat, 1% Bone), Haddock Cuts, No Offal
Lamb: (80% Meat, 10% Bone, 10% Offal), Lamb Cuts, Bone, Heart, Liver, Spleen.
Oily Fish: Oily Fish/Salmon Mince - Salmon Cuts, No Offal, bone 1%
Pheasant: 80% Pheasant meat, 10% Pheasant Bone, 10% Pheasant Offal (5% Liver, 5% Spleen)
Pork: (80% Meat, 10% Bone, 10% Offal), Pork Cuts, Bone, Heart, Liver, Spleen.
Quail: (80% Meat, 10% Bone, 10% Offal) Quail, Bone, Liver
Rabbit: (75% Meat, 15% Bone, 10% Offal), Rabbit Cuts, Bone, Heart, Liver, Spleen.
Sardine: (99% Meat, 1% Bone), Sardine Cuts, No Offal
Turkey: (75% Meat, 15% Bone, 10% Offal), Turkey Cuts, Bone, Heart, liver, Spleen.
Veal: Veal, meat, bones and offal (80% Meat, 10% Bone, 5% liver, 5% other Offal)
Venison: (75% Meat, 15% Bone, 10% Offal), Venison Cuts, Bone, Heart, Liver, Spleen,
Wild Boar: 80% Wild Boar muscle-meat, 10% Wild Boar Bone, 10% Wild Boar Offal (5% Liver, 5% Spleen)

Typical Analysis

Beef: Moisture 72%, Protein 16%, Oil 10%, Ash 2%
Chicken: Moisture 68%, Protein 15%, Oil 13% and Ash 4%
Duck: Moisture 67%, Protein 16%, Oil 15%, Ash 4%
Goat: Moisture 73%, Protein, 14%, Oil 11%, Ash 2%
Guinea Fowl: Moisture 61%, Protein 16%, Oil 18%, Ash 4%
Haddock: Moisture 82%, Protein 14%, Oil 2%, Ash 1%
Lamb: Moisture 68%, Protein 15%, Oil 14%, Ash 3%
Oily Fish: Moisture 74%, Protein 14%, Oil 8%, Ash 2%
Pheasant: Moisture 68%, Protein 15%, Oil 13%, Ash 4%
Pork: Moisture 68%, Protein 13%, Oil 14%, Ash 4%
Quail: Moisture 61%, Protein 16%, Oil 18%, Ash 4%
Rabbit: Moisture 68%, Protein 17%, Oil 11%, Ash 4%
Sardine: Moisture 62%, Protein 18%, Oil 15%, Ash 1%
Turkey: Moisture 66%, Protein 17%, Oil 12%, Ash 4%
Veal: Protein 14%, Oil 14%, Moisture 64%, Ash 2%
Venison: Moisture 69%, Protein 21%, Oil 7%, Ash 2.5%
Wild Boar: Crude Protein 16%, Crude Oils & Fats 10%, Moisture 72%, Ash 2%

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great minces

Now I've found the flavours my fussy dog likes she wollfs them down.

Thankyou for your Great review Samantha, we're pleased your dog is enjoying the minces.

Rosilyn Cornell
Great Food, to a high standared

Love the service here, they are always helpful and the selection is amazing. My dogs can’t wait for there feeding time and there is never a drop left in there bowls.

Hi Rosilyn, Thankyou for your Fantastic Review!

Great product and price

I have tried many different premade raws and even attempted DIY for a while. My dog eats any of them but this one is great quality, has a good selection of proteins to keep it varied and also very affordable.
The smaller packets help me choose meal sizes easier if my dog needs a little more or less without having too much defrosted for too long.
The packets also fit and stack perfectly in my dogs seperate freezer meaning i can order more in bulk and reduce trips to collect the food.

Hi Aaron, Thankyou for your Great Review!


This is one of he’s favourites its always the same good standard of meat


It’s nice and moisture my pooch loves it

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