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Carsafe Crash-Tested Car Harness

Carsafe Crash-Tested Car Harness

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The new range of CarSafe dog car harnesses is designed to keep your dog safe and secure, while providing all the best qualities of a walking harness, for ease and convenience on any road trip. The range offers a newly designed Crash Tested Harness which connects directly to your car seat belt system to create a safe dog car seat for your pet.

For dog owners looking for extra peace of mind. Certified up to 32kgs / 70lbs, this harness  directly links to the car seat belt system with no extra connection clip required. Featuring a padded and breathable layer on the chest panel for comfortable journeys, combined with high tech fully reflective fabric for extra visibility when needed. Two years in development, this innovative new harness is specially engineered for easy fitting and conversion into a comfortable walking harness for the perfect day trip!

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