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*If your pet has any allergies or problems with certain ingredients or proteins please read through the ingredients to make sure you get exactly what you want.
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Bone Meat Treats with Superfood

Single protein treats with added Fruit & Veg

Training Mini Bones various meat flavours with added superfood ingredients. The ultimate training treat for your dog contains REAL meat with added fruit & vegetables to offer the healthiest reward treat. We mix together these super ingredients and form them into convenient small bone shapes pieces, we then gently air dry each peice carefully to maintain a moist consistnecy with every mouthful. Our packs are perfect for your pocket and come with a zip lock function on the bag to keep them fresh every time. Each pack contains around 200 delicious pieces bursting with REAL meat flavour and can be given as a reward or simple as a treat for dogs of all sizes.
No matter which FRESCO training snack you buy, you can be sure that it was made from fresh meat without additives such as corn, wheat, soy, dyes, preservatives, meat flours or other fillers. FRESCO training snacks are lovingly made in Germany in our own production under the strict IFS quality seal. The carefully selected chicken meat is sourced locally and is 100% traceable.



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Beef, Raspberry + Spinach: 90% beef, 3% raspberries, 3% spinach, 4% natural vegetable glycerin
Chicken + Berries: 90% Real Chicken, 4% Cranberries, 4% Blueberries, 2% Natural Vegetable Glycerin
Chicken, Sweet Potato, Carrot + Pumpkin: 90% Chicken meat, 2% Pumpkin, 2% Carrots, 2% Sweet Potatoes, 4% Natural Vegetable glycerin
Duck, Pear + Lentil: 90% duck meat, 3% lentils, 3% pears, 4% natural vegetable glycerin
Goat, Apricot + Algae: 90% Real Goat Meat, 4% Apricot , 2% Algae & 4% Vegetable Glycerin
Horse, Cranberry + Pear: 90% Horse, 3% Cranberries, 3% Pear, 4% Vegetable Glycerin
Rabbit, Apple + Kale: 90% Real Rabbit Meat , 4% Apple , 4% Kale, 2% Natural vegetable glycerin
Turkey, Pumpkin, Carrot + Sweet Potato: 90% Real Turkey Meat , 2% pumpkin, 2% carrots, 2% sweet potatoes, 4% natural vegetable glycerin
Venison, Blueberry + Cranberry: 90% Real Venison Meat, 4% blueberries, 4% cranberries, 2% natural vegetable glycerin


Beef, Raspberry + Spinach: Protein 38% Fat 17% Moisture 16% Ash 5% Fibre 0.5%
Chicken + Berries: Protein 37% Fat 16% Moisture 14% Ash 8% Fibre 0.5%
Chicken, Sweet Potato, Carrot + Pumpkin: Protein 35% Fat 18% Moisture 14% Ash 6% Fibre 0.5%
Duck, Pear + Lentil: Protein 35% Fat 18% Moisture 15% Ash 6% Fibre 0.5%
Goat, Apricot + Algae: Protein 48% Fat 19% Moisture 16% Ash 7% Fibre 0.5%
Horse, Cranberry + Pear: Protein 41%, Crude Oils + Fats 18%, Moisture 8%, Crude Ash 9%, Crude Fibres 2%
Rabbit, Apple + Kale: Protein 37% Fat 19% Moisture 14% Ash 5% Fibre 0.5%
Turkey, Pumpkin, Carrot + Sweet Potato: Protein 37% Fat 16% Moisture 14% Ash 8% Fibre 0.5%
Venison, Blueberry + Cranberry: Protein 38% Fat 15% Moisture 14% Ash 8% Fibre 0.5%

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