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Bone-shape Training Treats

Bone-shape Training Treats

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Introducing SANADOG Training Bones, a wholesome and nutritious reward that's perfect for daily training sessions with your furry companion. Crafted from pure meat, these training bones boast a soft consistency, making them an ideal choice for positive reinforcement techniques. Your dog will receive immediate positive feedback, either in the form of praise or a delectable training knucklebone, to reinforce desired behaviors.

Recognizing the significant amount of snacks used during training, we prioritize healthy ingredients. Our training bones are composed of pure meat, enhanced with a touch of glycerine derived from rapeseed oil, a beneficial fat component. This healthy glycerin aids in maintaining the soft texture while binding moisture. Manufactured in our own facility, these bones are free from additives like corn, wheat, soy, colorings, preservatives, or meat flour, ensuring a pure and wholesome treat. Through a gentle air-drying process, we preserve the natural integrity of the meat—a modern take on age-old meat preservation techniques.

We take pride in our careful selection of locally sourced meat, guaranteeing 100% traceability. Our meticulous manufacturing process safeguards the essential nutrients within the meat, contributing to your dog's overall health and vitality over the long term.

With SANADOG Training Bones made from premium meats, your dog receives an irresistibly delicious and healthful reward. They maintain their integrity, avoiding any crumbling or greasiness, making them an excellent choice for outdoor training sessions—they can even be conveniently stowed in your pocket.

Available in convenient 100g portions, choose from an array of delectable options

Elevate your dog's training experience with SANADOG Training Bones—where health meets flavor, and rewards meet results. Your canine companion deserves nothing less


Beef: 95% beef, 5% natural vegetable glycerin.

Chicken: 95% chicken, 5% natural vegetable glycerin

Duck: 95% duck, 5% natural vegetable glycerin

Horse: 95% horse, 5% natural vegetable glycerin.

Turkey: 95% turkey, 5% natural vegetable glycerin.

Venison: 95% deer, 5% natural vegetable glycerin.

Typical Analysis

Beef: 38%, Crude fat 20%, Humidity 8%, Crude ash 8%, Crude fiber 1%

Chicken: Proteins 35%, Crude fat 18%, Humidity 8%, Crude ash 6%, Crude fiber - 1%

Duck: Proteins 36%, Crude fat 18%, Humidity 8%, Crude ash 6%, Crude fiber 1%

Horse: Proteins 38%, Crude fat 20%, Humidity 8%, Crude ash 8%, Crude fiber 1%

Turkey: Proteins 36%, Crude fat 19%, Humidity 8%, Crude ash 6%, Crude fiber 1%

Venison: Proteins 36%, Crude fat 18%, Humidity 8%, Crude ash 8%, Crude fiber 1%

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