Scottish Canine

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Ready made Bone Broth, low in histamines and full of natural goodness.

Bone broth is a liquid gel which is extracted from selected bone and connective tissue and contains natural proteins and minerals that are not always associated with your pets diet.
These proteins play a vital role when it comes to conditions such as Arthritis, Food Allergies, Gut Health and much more, helping your pet overcome food intolerances, improving joint health and regeneration of cartilage, helping with arthritis, joint pain and dysplasia. It also supports the immune system and helps with sick and convalescing pets, supports the bone structure of growing pups and kittens, and can prevent the onset of many problems along these lines.
Excellent support for all life stages, especially young growing animals, working/athletic animals and those convalescing.

Suitable for Cats and Dogs

Available in Beef or Lamb, £6.95/500ml

Scottish Canine are Defra approved, registered with the Scottish Government & the Animal Plant & Health Agency UK (95/814/8001/ABP/PFT) and have regularly tested product, with guaranteed purity, and guaranteed nutrient levels.


Once defrosted can be decanted and refrozen for ease of use, if kept defrosted shelf-life is 14 days in a refrigerated.

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