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Air-Dried Complete Food

Air-Dried Complete Food

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Our gently air-dried menu is a hearty feast, meticulously crafted from a harmonious blend of premium meat or fish, nutrient-rich offal, and a medley of fresh vegetables and delectable fruits. Each ingredient is thoughtfully selected to create a balanced and wholesome meal, ensuring your canine companion receives a wealth of essential nutrients.

For this exclusive air-dried menu, we prioritize freshness and quality. In our in-house factory, we utilize only the freshest ingredients sourced directly from reputable food producers. Whether it's the succulent beef, tender chicken, or sumptuous salmon, we start with the finest proteins as the foundation of this exceptional menu.

To complement the protein, we add a symphony of flavors and nutrients. Crunchy sweet potatoes, vibrant carrots, tender peas, crisp apples, hearty broccoli, and antioxidant-rich blueberries provide a spectrum of vitamins and minerals essential for your dog's well-being. We don't stop there; we enhance the meal with the goodness of salmon oil, rose hips, algae lime, seaweed flour, and brewer's yeast. These ingredients work in harmony to deliver a menu rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Our air-dried menu is available in convenient 1kg packs, providing you with a hassle-free feeding solution. To ensure your dog receives the optimal amount of nutrition, we recommend feeding 1% of their current body weight.

Elevate your dog's dining experience with our meticulously prepared air-dried menu. With every meal, you're not just providing nourishment; you're offering love, care, and a promise of optimal well-being. Opt for our 1kg packs for a convenient feeding solution tailored to your dog's needs.


Beef: Ingredients: 57% beef, 20% beef hearts, 3% beef liver, 5% sweet potatoes, 4% carrots, 3.5% apples, 2% peas, 2% broccoli, 2% salmon oil, 0.5% rosehip, 0.5% algae lime, 0.2% blueberries, 0.2% brewer's yeast, 0.1% seaweed meal.
Supplementary feed for dogs.

Chicken: Ingredients: 47% chicken meat, 20% chicken necks, 5% chicken hearts, 5% chicken gizzards, 3% chicken livers, 5% carrots, 5% peas, 3.5% apples, 3% pumpkin, 2% salmon oil, 0.5% rosehip, 0.5% algae lime, 0.2% blueberries, 0.2% brewer's yeast, 0.1% seaweed flour.
Supplementary feed for dogs

Salmon: Ingredients: 80% salmon, 7% carrots, 3.5% apples, 3% peas, 3% zucchini, 1.5% salmon oil, 0.5% guar gum, 0.5% rosehip, 0.5% algae lime, 0.2% Blueberries, 0.2% brewer's yeast, 0.1% seaweed meal.
Supplementary feed for dogs

Typical Analysis

Beef: proteins 43%, crude fat 35%, moisture 7.8%, crude ash 6.1%, crude fiber 2.2%.

Chicken: Proteins 42%, crude fat 27.5%, moisture 8%, crude ash 6.2%, crude fiber 2.4%.

Salmon: Proteins 42.5%, crude fat 36%, moisture 7.5%, crude ash 5.2%, crude fiber 2.1%

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