Moxxor Omega 3

We did a lot of hunting a couple of years ago to find a good quality, cold-pressed, or cold-extracted fish/animal sourced omega 3 oil for pets. We could find very few in the UK, and none of this standard and quality to help both people and pets with Brain Health, Eye Health, Immune Function, Skin & Coats, Heart Health, Joint Mobility & Movement, Weight Management and with such good antioxidants in it, support the body in detoxification.

Just as omega 3 fatty acids help prevent and treat diseases in humans, they can combat a wide array of health problems in our animals. Moxxor also contains ETA and SDA [Eicosatetraenoic Acid & Stearidonic Acid] which are rarely found in foods today, but very effective for inflammation. Along with all the great benefits of GLM [Green-Lipped Mussel] omega 3 oil over fish oil, we also have all 8 forms of Vitamin E in their Natural state [Antioxidant], New Zealand Sauvignon Grapeseed Extract [a potent Antioxidant] and Vitamin Dalso, as well as a wide array of vitamins and minerals naturally found in these 3 main ingredients.

Many of us have never heard of more than 2 omega fatty acids – EPA and DHA – mainly because these are the only 2 in fish oils, but there are actually 18, and Moxxor Contains all 18 Omega-3’s. The names of the Omega-3’s found in MOXXOR (the last 5 are of most interest to us) are as follows:
*Alpha -Linolenic Acid (ALA)              
*Stearidonic Acid (STA)
*Eicosatrienoic Acid (ETE) in 2 forms
*Eicosatetraenoic Acid (ETA) in 4 form
*Docosapentaenoic Acid (DPA) in 3 forms
*Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) in 2 forms
*Tetrocosapentaenoic Acid (TPA) in 2 forms
*Tetracosaheexaenoic Acid (THA).

Other benefits with Moxxor are:
*No filler oils – you may not know this, but when you buy omega capsules, it is not ‘all’ omega oil, but ‘filler’ oils too, which can go rancid (recurring fishy burps).
*Only the 3 ingredients, all of which are organic and cold-pressed or cold-extracted are in Moxxor, so you need less as it is concentrated compared to what you have been taking up until now, and the capsules are therefore also smaller making them easier to swallow.
*With Moxxor no omega 3’s are killed in the processing as no heat is used – I have searched for a source of cold-pressed omega 3 oil in this country [UK] for a while now with no luck, as all the omega oils are processed using a high level heat process which kills off all but 2 omega3 components, and loses vit D so has synthetic vit D added back in, and uses solvents, alcohol, salt deodorisers and chemicals to remove heavy metals & toxins. Heat also destroys enzymes.
*Moxxor is cold pressed so is in natural state and so more bioavailable to the body, has all omega3’s [18] and vit D intact.
*Moxxor has a 2yr unrefrigerated shelf-life because it has no filler oils which go rancid.
*Moxxor capsule shell is from their own grassfed beef Gelatin so itself provides 2,000mg vit D.
*Moxxor’s own Green Lip Mussels are harvested at 18mths, chilled & encapsulated within 4hrs so no old, sick, diseased net-caught fish source.

High strength and quality antioxidants included:
Kiwifruit seed oil = all 8 natural forms of vit E. White Sauvignon Grape Seed husk extract = This is a very strong antioxidant, and this particular one is even more potent because the seed of the white sauvignon grape is wrapped with an amazing husk and this occurs only in New Zealand because New Zealand has a unique micro climate caused by a hole in the ozone which means the seed of the thin skinned grape allows all that UVA to penetrate it so the husk on these grapes has outdone itself in wrapping a super husk around the seed to protect it from the UVA. One of the key things this supplement effectively tackles, which is at the heart of so many problems for people and animals, is inflammation.

The recommended doses are as follows:
People : 2 daily which can be increased
Dogs : 1/40lbs bodyweight daily
Cats : 1 every other day
Horses : 2 daily – it can also be given to other animals and birds.

Please feel free to email us if you have questions about how this can, and is helping people and animals already and how it can, help you and your pets.

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