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The whole Forever Living {FL} Aloe Vera product range is available via the link below for yourself and your pets.  Customers who have food orders from us can order Aloe Vera products to be delivered with their food order.* In our searching for good quality, naturally-based products, to be effective in place of allopathic steroids/antibiotics etc. we came across this company, which has some very good products which are excellent for people and animals within their range – we can order anything from their range for you, but stock, and focus on those below.*

*See how Aloe-based products can help your pets here:

*Veterinary Formula
Aloe Veterinary Formula is made with stabilized aloe vera gel as its primary ingredient, and is ideally suited for skin problems. Allantoin, a naturally soothing substance, is the other main ingredient. Thenozzle-control spray makes application to any size or type of pet easy. Aloe Veterinary Formula can provide quick and soothing relief. Recommended for use on external wounds prior to packing with Aloe Gelly and dressing, and for cleaning wounds for it’s wonderful ability to kill only the destructive bacteria, leaving the beneficial bacteria to naturally start the healing process. This product is the exact formula used for Aloe Fist Spray, for people, so this is suitable for people and animals also. 16 flozs./473ml

*Aloe Gelly
Essentially identical to the aloe vera plant’s inner leaf, our 100% stabilized Aloe Vera Gelly lubricates sensitive tissue safely. As if squeezed from the leaf, it’s absorbed quickly and calms irritated skin and helps soothing scarred skin. Especially suitable for people and pets prone to eczema and psoriasis, bites, stings, rashes, hives. Suitable for people and animals. Excellent for burns, healing with no scarring, and for all external wounds to the skin. 4 fl ozs/118ml

*Aloe Propolis Creme
A rich, creamy luxurious blend of aloe vera, bee propolis, chamomile and comfrey, that does more than just moisturize and condition your skin. Soothes irritated skin and leaves a protective barrier making it ideal for dry skin. Especially suitable for eczema, psoriasis, nappyrash, external wounds. Suitable for people and animals. 4 fl ozs./118ml

*Aloe Gel Drink
FL’s patented aloe vera gel drink is as close as you can get to slicing open and eating the inner leaf gel directly from the plant itself. Containing a natural abundance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including the rare B12 and Folic Acid. Aloe naturally provides 7 essential amino acids which are directly linked to cell growth, and cannot be manufactured within the body from other sources. Aloe’s two strengths lie in skin issues and digestive issues, and this range of drinks saves many from the upset of bowel disorders, Crohns, IBS, IBD, balances the immune system and helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract and good energy levels. 1 litre, maintenance dose being 30ml twice daily, treatment dose being 60ml twice daily.

*Berry Nectar Drink
Forevers Berry Nectar drink, is the above aloe drink, with added Cranberry and Apple, giving it an added higher level of Vitamin C, making it great for specifically boosting the immune system, and targeting uti’s. This is also in a 1Ltr bottle, with maintenance dose being 30ml twice daily, treatment dose being 60ml twice daily.

*Forever Freedom
Forever Freedom Drink is orange flavoured and contains all the nutrients of the Aloe Vera Gel combined with glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, natural elements shown to maintain healthy joint function and flexibility. Forever Freedom Drink is 80% aloe vera gel and is ideal for sports people and more mature who wish to maintain mobility, and excellent for people and animals who suffer joint problems such as arthritis. 1Ltr, maintenance dose being 30ml twice daily, treatment dose being 60ml twice daily.

*Bee Propolis
Bee Propolis is a natural anitibiotic, great for sore throats and boosting the respiratory system. Bee Propolis is the protective substance gathered and used by bees to keep their hives clean and the interior of a bee’s hive is safer than most operating rooms. Bee propolis is an excellent way to help support the body’s natural defences and helps maintain a healthy respiratory system. Please note: these products are unsuitable for people with an allergy to bee products.

*Bee Pollen
Bee pollen boosts energy and stamina, and assists in maintaining a healthy circulatory, digestive, immune and nervous system and it’s a great multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement that is easily absorbed. Bee pollen is ideal to take during the Summer months when the pollen count is high and many find it can be great for relieving Hayfever symptoms. Please note: these products are unsuitable for people with an allergy to bee products.

*Royal Jelly
Royal jelly enhances the metabolism, eliminates fatigue, has great benefits for the skin and reduces the effects of ageing. Royal jelly contains protein, minerals, vitamins A, C, D, E and B-complex, all 8 essential amino acids and 10 secondary amino acids. Please note: these products are unsuitable for people with an allergy to bee products.

MPD is a multi-purpose liquid concentrated detergent created as a versatile cleaning product that is ideal for the laundry (all types of clothes) needing just 15ml per load, marvelous as a household cleaner, for floors, bathrooms, tile and carpet cleaning, as well as perfect for dish-washing by hand. This safe, concentrated blue liquid detergent is great for lifting grime, cutting through grease, and removing stains, and being a liquid, it won’t scratch or mark your bathroom surfaces. 946ml

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