The Many Benefits of Lavender

First published in March 2012 for Raw Instincts Magazine entitled 'Lavender Benefits'
We all know how lovely Lavender smells, and for people it is wonderful in aromatherapy oils, on your pillow to help relaxation and sleep, helps with headaches and many more things.
Did you know it is also very good for dogs ?
The most common way Lavender is used is as an essential oil, and is known to be very good for hotspots and skin conditions, aswell as being good for relieving any kind of stress in dogs and helping them relax. This can be particularly helpful when the stress is causing other health issues, such as constipation, which can then cause the animal to fuss itself, creating sore areas and keeping the nerves high, sometimes becoming a self-perpetuating cycle.
Lavender also supports, soothes and calms the adrenal glands where there can be hormonal imbalance, and subsequent hair loss, and simply dabbing a little onto the fur on their back daily can help with rebalancing and healing.
Essential oils must always be diluted in a carrier oil for use or they can cause burns, however, Lavender is one of the few which can be applied neat, and is useful for healing blemishes and scars, and for a stressed dog, for an owner to have lavender oil on their hands and then massage their dog is a wonderful way to help calm and relax them for any occasion which they may need to go through but find stressful; like vet visits, grooming, bathing, claw trimming etc. or for generally nervous and timid dogs.
Mixed with a carrier oil, Lavender oil can also be applied to your dogs collar or a scarf that they might wear, in lotions and shampoos
To have lavender scent in the air is pleasant for all, lifting mood and again, relaxing and can be a particular help in stormy weather, or with fireworks etc. which may upset or frighten our pets.
Lavender can also be used in a diffuser which means the oil molecules are kept suspended in the air, penetrating carpets, fibres and furniture and working as an indoor flea repellent very effectively.
A very welcome way Lavender can be used with our dogs is as a spritz or in a carrier oil to help them to bothsmell nice, and to also repel insects, particularly ticks.
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