Natural Protocol For Yeast Issues

Yeast issues are at the root of so many health problems and our pets can suffer from them very often from being fed diets which are not species appropriate, containing grains, sugars and high amounts of starchy carbs and vegetables.
There are 2 major causes of the 'healing crisis' dogs experience upon changing
to raw;
1. not feeding a balanced diet from the start when changing over and thus
creating deficiencies;
2. yeast and the die-off which the right diet sets in motion.
What do we mean by ‘yeast’ ?
Put very simply, we have ‘good’ and ‘opportunistic’ bacteria in the gut and our dogs are the same. These bacteria are all very needed and very important,
playing a key role in ensuring a good strong immune system but only ‘in the
right balance’.
When the wrong diet is eaten, containing too many sugars, [what the ‘bad’ bacteria eat], and too many foods that the body changes into sugars and starches, it enables them to over-populate, creating the wrong balance with the good bacteria, and producing toxins within the body which stop the immune system working properly and weaken it.       
Yeast can also be enabled to build up when there are food intolerances/allergies.   
Yeast problems can cause all sorts of health issues, from skin issues, itching, allergies, bladder infections, weight problems and many others and can affect your pets whole glandular system and nervous system also.
Yeast infection often goes side by side with Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth [SIBO].
In people, and when dogs are changed over to raw but fed chicken only and deprived of organ meat until weeks into it, yeast issues can lead to B vitamin deficiencies, especially with B12, and a deficiency of this vitamin can give a whole host of frightening symptoms, including, in people, all the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.
I personally choose to try natural approaches before chemicals and drugs which will only be looked at as a last resort, if necessary, and help the body deal with
the issue in the way it would naturally do so itself were the immune system strong enough to do, this means I donot use commercial pest/parasite treatments, nor medicated shampoos etc but use pure natural products as
much as possible and have successfully used this approach to help dogs
suffering with yeast issues:
* No chemical/allopathic treatments, including wormers/fleas treatments etc.
- if pest/parasite problems, Neem is highly effective against fleas and available in various forms, Verm-X is a natural wormer, Four Seasons is a natural wormer, and if dog is over 6 mths of age, garlic can be given in food to help with fleas. Essential oils can also be used on Bandanas, Collars etc. against fleas.
- Do Not Give Garlic Under 6 mths of age.
*Safe garlic amounts by bodyweight: 10-15lb/4.5-7kg = 1/2 clove
                                                                                  20-40lb/9-18kg = 1 clove
                                                                                  45-70lb/20-32kg = 2 cloves
                                                                                  75-90lb/34-40kg = 2 1/2 cloves
                                                                                  100lb+/45kg+ = 3 cloves
* Shelve all plans for vaccines/boosters [these are only licensed for use in healthy dogs, which yours is not if you are thinking this applies to them] and definitely shelve any plans for all operations/spays/neuters etc.
* Cut 'all' carbs and starchy veg so the dog is literally on raw meat, fish, organ meat, bones, eggs, tripe, leafy greens, seaweed only at least until the yeast issue is dealt with.
* 1 drop per 5kg bodyweight GSE [we Only recommend Citricidal as a Guaranteed Purity GSE] in food every time fed, and in water. GSE must never be used neat, always dilute by adding to water or mixing in with food.

* For itchy, yeasty paws, and skin bacterial/fungal infections: mix 10 drops of GSE per tablespoon of shampoo (Neem shampoo is recommended) keeping the shampoo on the dog for 10 minutes before rinsing, and 30-40 drops GSE: 1Litre water for a foot soak or spray, or to be sponged onto the skin.
* Probiotics given daily - not yoghurt, or yoghurt drink type or soil-based; choose the best, with at least 5 or 6+ strains - not soil based. We stock some suitable probiotics and can advise which strains are most suitable for this particular issue.
Kefir is excellent for this.
* 1 tsp L-Glutamine added to food daily or 30-60mls for a yr to facilitate gut healing.

Other dietary additions which may also be used:
* Garlic, Coconut oil, Black Walnut and Neem also kill yeast.
NB. You should always seek veterinary advice to ascertain that your dogs problem is, infact yeast-related, and if the dogs condition is very severe, seek advice from a Holistic Vet before you attempt anything designed to boost the immune system, as if the condition is very severe, the immune system may be so compromised that what it needs is ‘supporting’ and not ‘boosting’ as this will be too much for it to cope with.
* Other natural products which can be used either instead of, or in conjunction with the GSE are Oil of Oregano, Tea Tree, Olive Leaf Extract.
* Homeopathic remedies can also be used in addition to the above protocol - Nux Vom is always a good one, or a remedy specifically suited to the individual.
If it is a yeast issue, there will be days in the 1st week where the dog is out of sorts and may be clingy or unhappy as the yeast will be dying off and will be releasing toxins into the bloodstream which make the dog feel grotty, some things like peeing in house etc. may occur during this time also - watch this incase water infection results [unlikely but…] and simply re-enforce gently puppy house-training and give lots of love and emotional support.                                                                
It is important to realise that it has taken quite a long time for this issue to build up inside your pet, and you need to be prepared for a slow recovery time of anything between 3-8mths – and remember every dog is an individual, many bounce back well on this protocol but this is a big recovery so needs to happen at the individuals own pace.
Visualise your dog fully well and happy - no pitiful thoughts/vibes being sent please.
Animals are also very open often to therapies like Reiki and EFT which could also be of great help.
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