Holistic Remedies

I been asked what I keep in my cupboard and would suggest as a good selection for others to build up and keep on-hand so here we are – please bear in mind – everyone is individual and has their own favourite products which they have found good – these are just mine. Because we believe these are Very good and useful products to have on hand, we sell many of them ourselves at NHD for our local customers, and have provided links where they may be ordered by others..Basics:Vitamin C with Bioflavenoids, Garlic, .Moxxor- organic cold-extractedomega 3 + antioxidants – skin,hair,brain,heart,hormones,auto-immune,immune:-http://www.mymoxxor.com/?ID=NaturallyHealthyDogs.6+ Strain Probiotic [1st Choice Primal Defense]- http://www.primal-defense.net/.Grapefruit Seed Extract [G.S.E.] {Citricidal}- good for people and animals alike for mites,bacterial gut issues, tummy upset, sore throat, natural antibiotic etc. etc. –http://www.highernature.co.uk/Products/Citricidal.Colloidal silver- good for general anti-bacterial, natural anti-biotic – http://www.ag4all.co.uk/.Parvaid &Vibactra+- herbal tonics good for parvo and any gastrointestinal upsets – http://chcstore.weebly.com/anti-viral.html.Neem Aid- amazing all-rounder –http://www.neemgenie.co.uk/domestic-products/neem-aid/prod_61.html .Aloe Gelly [FL]- soothes irritated/stung/bitten/burned skin,sinks quickly and deeply through skin layers to heal, antibacterial properties..Aloe Gel Drink[FL]- enzymes, amino acids, prebiotics, multi vit/min.Propolis Creme[FL]- blend of aloe vera, bee propolis, chamomile and comfrey – good for psoriasis,eczema, boils, spots, bactericidal & healing properties. .Bee Pollen tablets[FL]- top immune boosting properties..FL Aloe Vet spray- good for eyes, ears, gently cleaning wound[water can wash away the good bacteria needed to begin healing at wound edges] – also suitable for people [same as fl aloe First spray]. http://myflpbiz.com/esuite/home/nhdnhp/.Organic Apple CiderVinegar– alkalising & contains natural sugars and prebiotics.  http://dev.aspall.co.uk/products/vinegar/organic_cyder_vinegar-3-7-28.html.Emergency Essence/Rescue Remedy- use always for any upset, stress, shock, trauma etc. – any chemist – various different names dependent on make..Slippery Elm– coats the stomach, allowing digestive healing, full of wide range of nutrients –ebay/amazon.Manuka Honey at least 10+ grade or Locally-made Honey

– available at most supermarkets and health stores..Organic Virgin Coconut Oil :- anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial,digestion, absorption,skin, coat, hormonal plus more. http://www.viridian-nutrition.com/shop/100-Organic-Raw-Virgin-Coconut-Oil-P534.aspx .Note:Some of these items have long shelf-life, but some do not and would need to be on the list for ordering immediately at time of need if not in regular use.
 Please also see my homeopathy First Aid Blog for which fantastic Homeopathic Remedies to build up and have on hand:http://www.naturallyhealthydogs.co.uk/blog/2012/06/01/Homeopathic-First-Aid-Remedy-Suggestions.aspx

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