Dangers of RoundUp Weed Killer

An aquaintance has lost a dog recently and has another suffering and it has been positively confirmed that it was the inhalation of the spray in the air from a farmer spraying RoundUp weedkiller that is the culprit.

Do you know anything about RoundUp ?

It is freely available on the shelves at shops and garden centres which many assume means it's safe and o.k., and may keep their pets inside if/when they use it themselves, but if you are near farmland,
* do you know when the farmer sprays ?
* do you know when the council use it on your pavements and parks ?
* would you know the symptoms if you/your dog were affected by it ?

Did you know you and your pets can also be adversely affected from Pesticides ?
I can remember about 20yrs ago, just after moving house to another town, revisiting our previous town with our 2 dogs in the car, and taking a country route on the way home. We had to stop as the youngest, a new pup, was not a happy travellor and was sick.
We stopped by a cottage where there was also a large grassy verge leading into an open field, just so we had enough space to get the dogs out of the car and change bedding etc.
We had just got the dogs out of the car when someone came rushing
out of the cottage and told us not to let the dogs go near the field because other people's dogs had become ill and some had died from going in there because of whatever had been sprayed on it.

The following site, which covers many known bio-hazardous products,is not from an 'official' body, but is the kind of site where information is saved after the 'official' sites have been pressurred and closed down by big business - in my view this does not make it any the less true, and gives us the information we need to research further for ourselves and be aware:

There is also this information from the ISIS site:'EU Regulators and Monsanto Exposed for Hiding Glyphosate Toxicity'


If you or your dog is exposed to chemical sprays it will cause liver, spleen and pancreas damage. Damage will also be caused to the pituitary gland which is very serious as it is the pituitary gland which affects all the adrenal glands and their level of function.
It damages the liver which is extremely serious, and alters the RNA so it is very difficult to clear and heal it.
The latest information and belief is that the surfactant they use to make it penetrate the leaves on a plant is, in fact, more toxic than the glycophosate itself - burns skin, damages respiratory tracts etc.

'If' you know when your animal has been exposed, diluted bleach or ammonia and plenty of water will apparently remove the toxins, but you need to know when they have been exposed to it so therefore need to know when sprayings are planned, and if exposure does occurr, as with most things it is then a question of time and the body's ability to repair.
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