Amazing Arnica

Arnica Montana, also known as Leopards-bane, Wolfsbane and European Arnica, is a wonderful plant very much used in Homeopathy and also in essential oil, creams and tinctures.
It is also sometimes referred to as ‘mountain tobacco’ due to the leaves being smoked as a tobacco substitute in it’s native areas of Siberia and central Europe.
Arnica has a history of being used in folk medicine since 16 century and has been used for many varied health issues with success and today, physicians from over 80 countries around the globe acknowledge its effectiveness in reducing pain and swelling.
Studies have determined that arnica has properties that act as an immuno-stimulant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic.
The extract of arnica has been shown to stimulate the action of white blood cells in animal studies, increasing resistance to bacterial infections, and in its homeopathic form, it is used for vertigo, sea-sickness and hoarseness, aswell as soft tissue damage, sprains, sore muscles  and pain relief to name but a few.
Arnica should never be ingested unless in homeopathic form, unless directed by aqualified herbalist, as it can be deadly in large quantities but in homeopathic form and cream, should certainly have a place in your first aid cupboard.
Arnica should not be used on broken skin, and can, in some raise a rash, but for many is a truly wonderful herb they would not be without, and in homeopathy, there exist no records of bad side effects from using it in safe doses and it can be used at any age and any state of wellness.
General Description:As a first aid remedy Arnica has brought many converts to homeopathy by minimizing bruising, bleeding, swelling, shock, pain and recovery time following strains, injuries, dental work, surgery, childbirth, exercise… Even without bruising or obvious signs of injury after trauma, Arnica relieves the aftershock, soreness and pain that follows.
Sprains: Whenever backs are lifting and joints are twisting, Arnica can minimize the swelling, bruising and pain. In homeopath Asa Hershoff’s book on Musculoskeltal Healing, his perfect formula for sprains begins with Arnica to reduce swelling, bruising and trauma.
Broken bones: Arnica given in the first stage can minimize the swelling and get you in the final cast much sooner. Once the bone is well set, low doses of Symphytum should take Arnica’s place.
Skin: On the skin and soft tissues everywhere, Arnica can help the body reduce bruising, minimize bleeding of minor cuts, plus ease tender sore spots like boils, acne or blood blisters.
Muscles: For aches and muscles, Arnica can bring much comfort when a strong cough has your ribcage feeling sore, or a flu has your muscles aching. A dose before and after a workout can minimize the next day’s stiffness and help the muscles heal.
Arnica is an excellent all-around remedy, for owners and animals alike.
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