What Natural Healthcare Choices Are There?

There are many things we can change to make our, and our pets lives more natural and less toxic, from ditching the commercial air fresheners, to using natural alternatives, i.e. vit C inplace of antihistamine, to any of the below or many more.
Diet Modification
EFT {Emotional Freedom Technique}
Nutrition Specifics
Natural/Holistic alternatives to commercial/chemical preparations
Hair Analysis
Chiropractic Treatments
Flower Essences
Tellington Touch
Bowen Technique
Animal Communication
Frequently Asked Questions :
1.What exactly do you mean by Natural Healthcare ?
Answer: By natural healthcare choices, we mean therapies which don't fall under those usually use in allopathic medicine, which is the type of medicine practised by G.P.'s, Vets, Hospitals etc. So we mean those therapies which are more often referred to as 'Holistic' or 'Wholistic' - like Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Spiritual healing, EFT etc.
2.Why choose Natural instead of Allopathic ?
Answer: Some of the people who have come to me have done so because allopathic medicine hasn't helped their pet, others are not happy with putting toxins into their dogs bodies, knowing that often the liver cannot deal with all of them so some stay in the system, yet others have dogs who have suffered the side effects that come with allopathic medicine and want less invasive routes.
3.What's so good about natural Alternatives ?
Answer: Many times with allopathic medicine you treat symptoms but don't find or treat the cause but with natural therapies they look at the whole picture and treat the root cause.
Natural therapies also have much less, or no side effects.
Natural, holistic alternatives often also work 'with' the body, strengthening the way the body is designed to deal with the problem itself, unlike allopathic medicene which often works against the way the body is designed to work, i.e. the body produces a higher temperature to kill off germs/bacteria and work through a fever, allopathic medicene reduces the temperature, thus making the body have to work even harder, also, the body is designed so that when disease enters in the normal ways which are thru the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, wounds,triggers are alerted which make sure the immune system reacts appropriately to fight it, but vaccines bypass these normal routes of entry and pump straight into the system, having to use poisons to alert the immune system, so stressing it further and compromising it.
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