Meals and Quantities

Quantities To Feed Your Dog

This is one of the most overwhelming aspects of starting your dog on a Raw Diet, but is actually very easily worked out.
For dogs over 18mths of age: First of all, look at your dog and decide, using the chart below: *are they overweight and needing to trim down ? *are they underweight and needing to put weight on ? *or are they just right and needing to stay the same ?

If you know your dogs weight, you can work it out based on Percentages based on current weight of animal.
Adults (18mth+): 2% – for weight loss/ inactive animals 2.5 – 3% – to maintain current weight 3.5% -for weight gain 4-8% – pregnant/lactating bitches
Divide the weight by 100 to find out what 1% is, then multiply by whichever amount above you have chosen for your dog.
As the minced meats often come in lb weight, I find it is easiest to convert the weight of the dog and work totally in lbs.
i.e. Dog weighs 31kg / 70lbs I have chosen 2.5% as suitable for the dog. 1% of the dogs weight is therefore 70 / 100 = 0.7lbs 2.5% is therefore 0.7 x 2.5 = 1.75lbs
This chart gives approximate amounts also, but these are only approximates and tweaking will be needed as all dogs have different needs based on breed, lifestyle, activity levels, age etc. Each of our packs of mince is 454g / 1lb Chunks and most Bones are in 4kg (8.8lb) cases.

Dogs Weight 2% 2.5% 3% Amount per week Amount per 4wks
5kg 100g 125g 150g 875g 3.5kg
10kg 200g 250g 300g 1.75kg 7kg
15kg 300g 375g 450g 2.6kg 10.4kg
20kg 400g 500g 600g 3.5kg 14kg
25kg 500g 625g 750g 4.3kg 17.2kg
30kg 600g 750g 900g 5.2kg 20.8kg
35kg 700g 750g 1050g 6.1kg 24.4kg
40kg 800g 900g 1200g 7kg 28kg
45kg 900g 1000g 1350g 7.8kg   31.2kg
 50kg  1000g  1125g  1500g  8.7kg  34.8kg
 55kg  1100g  1375g  1650g  9.6kg  38.4kg
 60kg  1200g  1500g  1800g  10.5kg  42kg

With Puppies it is very easy.
You start off when you get them feeding them 10% of their current weight, and let the pup guide you in their apetite, and they will let you know when they are ready to cut down as they won’t be so enthused about their food, or will simply leave one meal, then you know they are either ready for that extra meal to be cut out, or general amounts to be reduced.This is the best way, as all are individuals, and this way allows for when your pup is going through growth spurts and might therefore be more
hungry, and obviously if you look at them and think they are looking a bit tubby, then you can cut them down and bit also.
If you come to raw feeding with an adolescent, then approximate %’s at different stages are:

Start at 8wks : 10% being led by your pup’s apetite & condition, gradually reducing until63wks+ and then stabilising to the % that suits your pup as an adult.
If during this time your pup suddenly is hungrier, this will likely be a growth spurt, so increase the food, and equally, if they are not as hungry, that’s likely an indication that it’s time to cut the portions back a bit.
be concerned if your puppy doesn’t achieve that ‘chubby puppy’ look  –  rawfed puppy’s do not get overweight like commercially-fed puppy’s, but develop sleek, toned figures as is natural and right, putting less strain on developing joints and bones, and growing in a slower, steadier fashion, which also minimises health issues associated with rapid growth

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