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Surf n Turf 1kg

Surf n Turf 1kg

Finer By Nature

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Surf n Turf 1kg

A blend of fresh Raw Beef  and UK Sprats with a little beef liver straight from the Welsh Valleys. All our beef comes from a local abattoir just a few miles away so we can ensure quality and freshness. Our Sprats come from UK waters and landed in Cornwall. The beef is 60% lean.  All of our meats are from human grade sources and offer the freshest  and highest quality. We mince this product with a 30mm plate to ensure a chunky texture

Nothing added or taken away simply pure Beef, Sprats with a little offal

  • 10% bone
  • 45% fresh Beef at minimum 60% lean
  • 45% fresh whole Sprats (minced)
  • 10% Beef liver
  • Sourced from local supliers
  • No preservative, fillers or other by-product
  • Easy to store and serve
  • Can be added to with vegetables, oils, offal or other items if required.
  • Store in fridge once thawed
  • For a balanced diet ensure you supplement
  • Greener packaging ensures lower carbon footprint


45% Fresh UK Beef, 45% Sprats, 10% Beef Liver (Meat, bone, liver)


Crude Protein 17.4%, Crude Fat 19.1%, Ash <0.1%, Crude Fibre 0.9%

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