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Supercritical Neem Leaf Extract

Supercritical Neem Leaf Extract

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The Neem tree is used for so many different properties that it is quite remarkable, from its leaves to Neem seed oil it's evergreen and chemical investigations by Indian Pharmaceuticals first began using it in 1919. One per day high potency capsule. New technology involved in the manufacturing process extract the beneficial phytochemicals (the plant's natural ingredients) without the use of chemicals or high temperatures. The final extract closely resembles the fresh herb. Adding neem leaf to the diet to support a healty skin and digestion dates back thousands of years.

With it being anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti- viral and anti-bacterial, leaving no unpleasant odour and leaving no side effects it seems the perfect choice for your Dietary needs!.

30 or 60 Capsules per pack For Human Consumption Only!


Organic Neem Leaf SCO2 extract- 8 mg per capsule
Organic Sesame oil
Soft Gelatin

Typical Analysis

Total Dietary Fibre 48%

Total Protein 16.4%

Moisture 8.0%

Fat 4.1

Carbohydrates (calculated) 60.4

Ash 11.1%

Calories 344 Cal / 100g


Suggested use:

1 capsule, once or twice per day with a full glass of water, as a dietary supplement.

Dietary Profile of Azadirachta indica (Neem Leaf)

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