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Shrimp Sprinkles

These are Great for dogs, cats and fish!

Sprinkle them over the food to give a tasty nutritious topper, or use as tiny training treats!

Shrimp has an impressive nutrient profile, it is high in nutrients, low in calories, so an excellent fishy choice for all!

In an 85g portion you have:
84 calories
18g protein, selenium, vit B12, iron, phosphorus, niacin, zinc and magnesium, and as if this was not impressive enough, it is one of the best sources for iodine which is essential for healthy thyroid and brain function.

Priced by the 100g

100% Shrimp

  • crude protein 60%
  • crude fat 11 %
  • crude fibre 4 %
  • moisture 8 %
  • ash 10%

*If your pet has any allergies or problems with certain ingredients or proteins please read through the ingredients to make sure you get exactly what you want.

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