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CSJ uses only top quality, natural ingredients, with an extensive range to meet the needs of dogs of all ages - and people of all pockets!

Echinacea, Liquorice Root, Fennel, Pumpkin Seeds, Psyllium Seeds

Small Dogs (0-10kgs) = 1 Half Scoop

Medium Dog (10-20kgs) = 1 Scoop

Large Dogs (20-30kg) = 1-2 Scoops

Giant Dogs (30kg+) = 2-3 Scoops

Feeding: Simply sprinkle the herbs over your dogs dinner.

As herbs usually take time to act within the system, it may take two or three weeks before you appreciate the full benefit. After the initial feeding period it may be possible to reduce the feeding rate, while maintaining the same effects. This should be assessed with each individual case.

Store in a cool, dry place.
For animal use only.
Do not give to bitches in pup.

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