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One of the most important aspects of this new breed of chews is safety. Unlike the majority of the existing chews in the market, PLUTOS chews were specially designed not to splinter allowing dogs to chew and, at the same time, enjoy what they are chewing until the end.  PLUTOS is hard enough to be enjoyed as a chew but gets sufficiently soft with saliva and biting action to be safely chewed by different dog ages and sizes, preventing teeth from breaking, choke hazard, or stomach/intestine blockages. 

Digestibility is the most important issue when choosing a chew. It is very important because you will want that the chew do be digest as fast as possible if your dog swallows a chunk of the chew.

Dental plaque cleaning: Our products contain casein, a lactose free and low fat milk protein, which has an antibacterial effect that neutralizes bad bacteria, preventing the formation of plaque eliminating bad breath at the same time. Since its is rich in calcium It also reinforces teeth enamel crown.

100% NATURAL high-quality milk protein; lactose, and gluten-free.

It takes a lot of effort to digest Casein protein, which in turn burns calories and speeds up our metabolism.

It also creates a feeling of satiety which is a huge plus, on top of these factors, Casein is low in calories and has an extremely low level of fat.

Casein protein is one of the two proteins that make up the dairy protein (the other being Whey protein). It is typically known as the 'slow' digesting component of milk protein.

100% NATURAL flavors from certified suppliers: chicken, beef, chorizo, ham, salmon, lamb, duck and peanut butter.

Small: Dogs up to 10kg

Medium: Dogs 10-20kg

Large: Dogs 20+kg



*If your pet has any allergies or problems with certain ingredients or proteins please read through the ingredients to make sure you get exactly what you want.

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