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Neem Seed Oil

The Neem tree is used for so many different properties that it is quite remarkable, from its leaves to Neem seed oil it's evergreen and chemical investigations by Indian Pharmaceuticals first began using it in 1919. Neem can be used to cure all sorts of ailments like:

*Oral Hygiene


*Bolstering Immune Systems

*Skin Diseases


*Neem is both a pest control material and as well as a fertilizer.

With it being anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti- viral and anti-bacterial, leaving no unpleasant odour and leaving no side effects it seems the perfect choice for you and your dogs needs

30ml bottle, 250ml bottle and 500ml bottle. Suitable for Humans and Animals

100% pure, cold pressed, organic Neem Oil.

May be applied directly to the skin, added to your favourite carrier oil, or simply add one or two drops to your favourite shampoo or body care product. 

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