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Natural Beef Teste Crisps

Natural Beef Teste Crisps

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Natural Beef Teste Crisps

Dried slices of Beef Testes, dried to crisps.

Beef Testicle treats are very popular with many dog owners looking for a natural and healthy treat. Beef Testicle crisps are pure 100% Beef meaning they are a natural source of protein for your pet, aswell as completely digestible. This is a great benefit alongside their flavour and texture which your dog will love! Beef Testicle treats are a good alternative treat for pet owners who have their dogs on a low fat high protein diet.

These Beef Testicle treats, alongside their other benefits, are also gluten and lactose free and have no artificial additives. Making them the perfect meat treat!

Beef is a very popular protein for dogs. Not only for their nutritious and affordable benefits, but many dogs just seem to love the taste! Beef is a brilliant protein to help provide energy for your pet. They also help support muscles and provide your four legged pal with essential amino acids to aid in digestion.

Beef Testicle Crisps are a healthy way to switch up your dogs protein intake and are not processed. We offer a range of low fat Beef treat options for your pet. If Beef Testical Crisps are not what you are looking for, we also sell Beef Lips , Cow Ears with Fur-On or for the bigger dogs XL Cow Ears

Please always supervise your pet when giving them treats to prevent any possible choking or gulping during consumption of the treat.

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100% dried meat

Typical Analysis

Crude Protein 70%

Crude Fat 14%

Moisture 8%

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