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Naked Dog Christmas Turkey and Cranberry

First rule of Naked Dog: We don’t mess around with the ingredients. We use only the finest raw ingredients in all of our products, so each and every meal is not only enjoyed but has all the benefits of a balanced and nutritious, natural healthy diet. If an ingredient is in one of our meals, it’s because it should be. And if it’s not, it’s because it shouldn’t be. And we won’t make any concessions.

Succulent Turkey + Cranberry Christmas Dinner!

Each and every Naked Dog meal is focused on what’s right for the wonderful dogs of this world, giving them exactly what they need. There’s nothing to hide in any of our meals, that’s why we’re Naked!

Raw complete meal for dogs with high meat content. High quality, high ethical standards for sourcing, no Halal or Kosher slaughter methods used. 8ml mince Available in a pack of 1kg all recyclable tubs



*If your pet has any allergies or problems with certain ingredients or proteins please read through the ingredients to make sure you get exactly what you want.

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