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Very high-value, Single protein treat made especially for pets with no added salt or sugar or sulphites with added health benefits.

Cereal- and gluten-free, use straight from the packet to stuff hoofs, throttles etc., or refrigerate to harden and chop up to desired size for special treats or training treats.

Can be frozen once chopped, so desired amount can be taken each time.

Varieties: More Brain - Rabbit & Duck

More Power - Turkey

Long Life - Venison

Happy Relax - Goat

Tick Defence - Camel

80g Singleshot or mix+match '4 for the price of 3'

For Mix+Match, just note flavours wanted in the customer note section in checkout.

Happy Relax: Made from 90% goat meat, enriched with valerian root, hops, thyme, rosemary and monk’s pepper. Can calm the nervous system, help with muscular tension as well as reducing the sex drive and aggression.
90% goat meat and goat offal, 5% melissa, 1.5% valerian, 1% hops, 1% rosemary, 1% thyme, 0.5% monk´s pepper
Long Life: Snack sausage made from 84% deer meat and wild innards, supplemented with coconut fat, brewer‘s yeast, ginkgo powder, green-lipped mussel extract, sea-buckthorn powder. Can promote blood circulation. Helps muscles, nerves, organs as well as strengthening the immune system and the joints. Supports osteoarthritis.
59% deer meat, 25% game offal, 5% sea buckthorn, 2% goose fat, 2% rosemary, 2% coconut oil, 1.5% brewer´s yeast, 1.5% L-carnitine, 1.5% ginko powder, 0.5% green-lipped mussel extract
More Brain: Snack sausage with rabbit and duck meat, Complemented with red panax ginseng and maca root. Ginseng stimulates memory, maca root increases alertness, strengthens the ability to concentrate and acts as a mood-enhancer.
40% rabbit meat, 30% duck meat, 20% duck hearts, 7% duck liver, 1.5% ground pansy herb, 0,9% rosemary, 0.5% maca root, 0.1% red ginseng
More Power: A true energy bomb made from 75% turkey meat supplemented with maltodextrin (from potato starch), whey powder, creatine, coconut, brewer‘s yeast and magnesium citrate. A fast energy, metabolic stimulator and can support improved muscle metabolism.
50% turkey meat, 20% turkey heart, 15% malto-dextrin, 5% turkey liver, 5% whey powder, 2% coconut flakes, 2% creatine monohydrate, 0.8% brewer‘s yeast, 0.2% magnesium citrate
Tick Defence: 91% camel meat, supplemented with coconut flakes, cistus, brewer‘s yeast, thyme, oregano and calcium carbonate. Cistus and coconut flakes, because of the essential oils and lauric acid are considered a natural defence against vermin, ticks are known to avoid both and thus can prevent „docking“.
91% camel meat and camel´s offal, 3% coconut flakes, 1.75% calcium carbonate, 1.25% cistus, 1% brewer´s yeast, 1% thyme, 1% oregano

Happy Relax: Crude protein 15.9%, crude fat 8.0%, crude ash 2.4%, crude fibre 1.1%, moisture 72.2%
Energetic feed value:
124 kcal /100g
Snack Sausage 80 g
Long Life: Crude protein 14.7%, crude fat 16%, crude ash 2.1%, crude fibre 1.1%, moisture 65.9%
188 kcal /100g
Snack Sausage 80 g
More Brain: Crude protein 15.4%, crude fat 17.0%, crude ash 2.4%,
crude fibre 1.3%, moisture 62.9%
202 kcal /100g
Snack Sausage 80 g 
More Power: Crude protein 14.2%, crude fat 15%, crude ash 2.6%, crude fibre 1.3%, moisture 65.1%
184 kcal /100g
Snack Sausage 80 g
Tick Defence: Crude protein 15.7%, crude fat 8.3%, crude ash 2.2%, crude fibre 0.7%, moisture 71.1%
133 kcal /100g
Snack Sausage 80 g

*If your pet has any allergies or problems with certain ingredients or proteins please read through the ingredients to make sure you get exactly what you want.

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