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Meat Spaghetti

Meat Spaghetti

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Packed with nutrients and rich in goodness, delicious spaghetti makes for a very special treat for your dog.
Not only is it 100% digestible, but it’s also naturally healthy and high in protein


Beef Spaghetti: 100% Pure Beef.
Pork Spaghetti: 100%  Pork
Meat and Tripe Spaghetti: Meat Product, Tripe.
Lamb Spaghetti: 100% Lamb

Typical Analysis

Beef Spaghetti: Protein 55.0%, Fat 33%, Fibre 1.8%, Ash 4%.
Pork Spaghetti: 100% Pig Intestine.
Meat and Tripe Spaghetti: Protein 34.3%, Oil 21.1%, Ash 5.3%, Fibre 4.4%, Moisture 26.5%
Lamb Spaghetti: Raw protein 80.1%, Raw fat 8.1%, Moisture 5.5%, Raw ash 6.3%

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