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Goat Ears with Fur

Goat Ears with Fur

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Introducing Goat Ears with Fur Dog Treats for Sensitivity

Treat your furry companion to a delectable snack that's not only delicious but also gentle on sensitive tummies. Our Goat Ears with Fur are thoughtfully crafted to cater to dogs with specific dietary needs, ensuring every tail wags with delight.

Gentle Goodness for Sensitive Souls:

Goat Ears with Fur are specially designed for dogs with sensitivity issues. We understand the importance of providing a treat that's both appetizing and easy on the digestive system. These dried treats offer a tantalizing taste without compromising on gentleness.

Natural Chondroitin Boost:

Each bite of our Goat Ears with Fur serves as a natural source of chondroitin, a vital component for maintaining healthy joints. This added benefit makes these treats an excellent choice for dogs experiencing joint discomfort or mobility issues. With every nibble, your furry friend can enjoy a little extra support for their overall well-being.

Crispy Perfection, Anytime:

The crispy texture of Goat Ears with Fur adds an enjoyable crunch to treat time. Whether it's a reward for good behavior or just a special snack, these treats are perfectly sized for any occasion. You'll love seeing your dog's eyes light up in anticipation with each delicious bite.

Nature's Variation, Each Time:

Made from natural ingredients, Goat Ears with Fur may vary in size, shape, and color. This reflects the authentic nature of the treats and ensures that your dog experiences a delightful surprise in every single bite. It's a testament to the genuine quality of our handcrafted treats.

Indulge Your Dog's Delicate Side:

Treat your beloved companion to the wholesome goodness of Goat Ears with Fur. Sold individually, these treats are a perfect addition to your dog's dietary regimen. Whether they have sensitive needs or simply appreciate a tasty morsel, Goat Ears with Fur are sure to become a cherished favorite. Elevate treat time with these specially crafted bites and watch your dog's tail wag in appreciation.


100% Goat Ears

Typical Analysis

Crude Protein: 70.56%

Crude Fat: 14.82%

Moisture: 7.62%

Ash: 7%

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