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Common Ailements

Canine Health Concern – Common Ailments

Part One includes:
Diet : Environment : Homeopathy : Herbs : Complementary Healthcare : Things To Avoid
Part Two includes:
Allergies : Antibiotics, the Gut, and the Immune System : Circulation and the Heart : Digestion and the Stomach : Ears : Eyes : Inflammation and Pain Relief : Joints and Mobility : Kidneys : Liver : Nervous System and Neurology : Parasites : Skin : Surgery and Operations : Thyroid : Transfer Factor, Immune-Mediated Disease, and CBD Oil : Urinary : Viral and Bacterial Disease
When you read this book you will notice Part One of this booklet will show that it is entirely possible to not even need Part Two (or very rarely). Providing your dog comes into this world with a healthy body, and providing you feed him well and avoid the toxins that cause harm, you should have many years of fun, health and friendship.
Part Two covers all the systems in the body for the times that may happen in life when you do need to look at options on what you can do to keep your dog healthy without resorting to unnecessary or unsafe veterinary drugs.

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