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Bully Combat Collars

Bully Combat Collars

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Introducing Super Strong Bully Dog Collars – the epitome of durability, strength, and security for your beloved canine companion. These hand-crafted Combat Collars are engineered with precision to offer a level of assurance that is second to none. We understand the importance of your dog's safety, which is why we've designed a collar that not only looks rugged but is capable of withstanding an incredible 1 tonne of weight or 2,200 pounds of pressure.

Key Features:

Heavy-Duty Quick-Release Buckle: Crafted with the same level of engineering found in roller coaster buckles, our specially designed buckle ensures both quick release and remarkable strength. Trust your dog's safety to a collar that can hold up to 1 tonne of force.

Triple-Stitched Nylon Construction: The collar is constructed with two layers of durable, triple-stitched nylon material. This ensures it can withstand the rigors of day-to-day wear as well as the demands of rigorous training.

Stainless Steel D Loop and Clip: Our collar features a robust 4mm stainless steel D Loop and clip, a material renowned for its strength and resilience. This is the same material trusted in rock climbing equipment.

Emergency Handle: For those critical moments where immediate control is necessary, we've incorporated a double-stitched handle into the collar. Whether it's for everyday situations or intensive training, this handle provides an extra level of assurance.

Additional Steering Handle: This collar also boasts an extra handle, strategically placed to offer you more control in specific circumstances where precise guidance is essential.

Elevate your dog's safety and control with Super Strong Bully Dog Collars. Designed with the highest standards of craftsmanship, these collars offer more than just durability; they provide peace of mind. Trust in the strength of our collar, crafted to handle even the most demanding situations. With sizes to accommodate dogs of all proportions, you can confidently equip your furry companion with the best in safety and security.

Made From

Product Specifications:

Material: 2 Layers of durable, triple-stitched Nylon
Clip Strength: Holds up to 1 tonne of pulling power
Use: Suitable for day-to-day wear and widely utilized in dog training
Release Mechanism: Quick release for added convenience
Additional Features: Stainless steel D Loop for secure attachment

Available Sizes:

Small: 2.5cm width
Medium: 4cm width
Large: 5cm width

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